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CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday this week to: Adele Nicols, Shawn Bryan, Beatrice Curtin, Sandy Colvin, Steve Comolli, Rick Evans, Olga Kissner, Jon Copans

Ready to Race?

Quick announcement: Questions have been coming up about the weather due to predictions for storms this week. The official policy is that Fun Run cancels if it is lightning out. The roads are open to the public, so it is your choice what to do, but it is officially over if we see lightning. A distant rumble of thunder may be overlooked. Steve Hill is implementing a similar policy for Wednesday evening workouts, but will let those on the list know exactly what his policy is. Races that people pay for are at the RD’s discretion. Right now, my hour by hour forecast for today says chance of rain, not thunderstorms at 5:30.
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