CVR News and Notes from Donna

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CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday to: Ava Shanley, Rachel Allen (new member!), Amanda Ellingson, and Bob Howe!

I’ve been sending you some pretty short News and Notes lately. I’m sorry to report that your reprieve is over. The season is upon us and there are lots of little notices in this one. Can you can make it all the way through?

Time Flies… Even though it is snow for tonight, Daylight Savings time starts Sunday. That means that unofficial Fun Runs can commence at 5:30 on Tuesdays. No Darragh timing or results in The World, but you have a good chance of finding another runner or 2 there. Also, no more headlamps for the Wednesday speed workouts at 6!

SHORT NOTICE: The due date for contributions to the next CVR Newsletter is March 12th. Get your winter running adventure pictures and stories and any other items of interest to Bob Howe,, by March 12–that is next Monday!
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