Results Update from Jeff

Hey you guys,

It’s only the 12th day of the year and I am already behind on Race Results Round Up.  Here is a run-down of events from New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day along with miscellaneous older events from 4th quarter of 2015.

  • CVR New Year’s Eve 5k
  • First Run Burlington 5k
  • Ri Ra’s Santa 5k
  • Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon & 5k
  • Ripton Ridge Run
  • The Mad Dash
  • Art Tudhope 10k

While the road racing world is relatively quiet during the next weeks, I may try to catch up on some other overlooked results from 2015.  In the meantime, onward…


CVR New Year’s Eve 5k

The CVR New Year’s Eve 5k was held on New Year’s Eve (!) in Montpelier.  There were 172 finishers which appears to be a record turnout. I looked at results going back to 1999 and didn’t see anything close!  As you can imagine, there were lots of CVR members in the mix and some of them did pretty well for their age: 

  • Jane Miller-Arsenault, 2nd F 1-13
  • Brian Bushey, 1st M 1-13…demolishing prior record set by Jacob Miller-Arsenault in 2014
  • Jacob Miller-Arsenault, 3rd M 1-13…also faster than previous record
  • Theresa Noonan, 2nd F 14-19
  • Dylan Broderick, 1st F 20-29
  • George Aitken, 3rd M 20-29
  • Rima Carlson, 2nd F 40-49
  • Rowly Brucken, 2nd M 40-49
  • Andrew Tripp, 3rd M 40-49
  • Dot Martin, 1st F 50-59
  • Sue Hackney, 2nd F 50-59
  • Eric Morse, 1st M 50-59
  • Jim Flint, 2nd M 50-59
  • Nina Aitken, 1st F 60-69
  • Toni Kaeding, 3rd F 60-69
  • Jamie Shanley, 2nd M 60-69

This was the first event of the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series.

Full results are here:

First Run Burlington 5k

The First Run Burlington 5k was held on New Year’s Day in Burlington.  There were 767 finishers.  This race does not have traditional age groups but rather wide groupings of 1-39 and 40-99.  A quick scroll throught the results reveals several CVR members in the crowd including Sarah London, Rob McDougallPatricia Driscoll, Charles Windisch and Dick Ferno.  Perhaps you can find some more?


Here are full results:


Ri Ra’s Santa Run 5k

The Ri Ra’s Santa Run 5k was held on Sunday, December 6 in Burlington. There were 1,317 finishers.  It is an expensive race but strangely fun.  The course is difficult including a climb up the hill on Battery St followed by even more climbing up Pearl St to Willard St.  And wearing an ill-fitting Santa suit and a polyester beard doesn’t really help.  And the course is actually 3.2 miles since starting/finishing in front of Ri Ra’s is more important than having an accurate course.  In addition to the Santa suit (higher quality than I had anticipated), all participants also received an indoor sit-down breakfast catered by Ri Ra’s.  Not too shabby.  Plus it was great to hear every spectator calling your name.  (Go, Santa!)


For future reference, the suits came in two sizes: men and youth.  I got the youth size and it was…uh…very roomy to say the least.


In addition to your faithful correspondent, other CVR participants included: Keith Woodward (in 6th place overall!), Andy Shuford, Patricia Driscoll, Anya Carlson, Rima Carlson and Estherline Carlson.  I didn’t see anyone else I knew but…you know…everyone sort of looked the same.


Full results are here:

Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon & 5k

The Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon was held on Saturday, October 31.  It is a point-to-point event from Lyndonville to St Johnsbury. There were 88 finishers.  There were 255 finishers in the companion 5k race.


Jim Flint was 3rd overall in the half marathon in a time of 1:30:39.  Bob Howe was 3rd in the 5k M 60-69 age group.  Mary Stridsberg also ran the 5k.


Half marathon results are here:


5k results are here:


Ripton Ridge Run

The Ripton Ridge Run was held on October 11.  The unusually-distanced 10.4k race had 40 finishers.  There were another 129 finishers in the 5k race.


Chris Andresen finished in 9th place overall in the 10.4k race. 


10.4k results are here:

5k results are here:


The Mad Dash

The 20th annual Mad Dash 5k/10k were also held on October 11 in Waitsfield.  There were 255 finishers in the 5k and 59 finishers in the 10k. 


In the 10k race, Caleb Kessler was 1st Overall in a zippy 37:25.  Gail Pelkey also ran the 10k.  In the 5k race, Gary Kessler was 3rd in the M 40-64 age group.  Kelly Collar also ran. 


Full results are here:


Art Tudhope 10k

GMAA’s  42nd  annual Art Tudhope 10k was held on Saturday, October 3 in Charlotte.  There were 77 finishers.  Nick Persampieri was 2nd M 50-59 and Charlie Windisch was 3rd M 60-69.


Results are here: