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All roads lead to Adamant!

Hey you guys,Truth in advertising…the photo above was taken on March 20.  I believe the roads have firmed up a bit since then.

Here’s a run-down of some recent race results:

  • Kaynor’s Sap Run
  • Eastern States 20-Miler
  • New Bedford Half Marathon
  • Winter Wild Whaleback Mountain
  • Zion Half Marathon




Kaynor’s Sap Run

The 37th running of GMAA’s Kaynor’s Sap Run was held on Sunday, April 4 in Westford. Do you remember how cold and windy it was yesterday? Well, race director Meredith White reports that this is actually the warmest running of the event in her co-tenure with Tom Kelly. I skipped the event this year but do recall it being a frigid 5 degrees last year. There were 119 finishers.

CVR standouts include:

  • Megan Valentine–2nd F Overall and 1st F 30-39
  • Allie Nerenberg–3rd F Overall and 2nd F 30-39
  • Donna Smyers–1st F 50-59
  • Thorin Markison–2nd M Overall and 1st M 30-39
  • Chris Andresen–1st M 60-69
  • John Valentine–3rd M 60-69

Other CVR racers included:  Meredith Naughton, Maryke Gillis,Mike Gillis and Charlie Windisch.

Full results are here:

Eastern States 20-Miler

The Eastern States 20-Miler was held on Saturday, March 26.  The start is in Kittery, ME and the finish is in Salisbury, MA. The race route includes the entire coastline of NH. There were 694 finishers.  (There were another 338 finishers in the companion half marathon.)

Dylan Broderick ran 2:31:37.  That’s a nice round 7:35 min/mile pace for those of you who need help with the math.  She was 13th out of 207 in the F Open division.

Results are here:

New Bedford Half Marathon

The New Bedford Half Marathon was held on Sunday, March 20 in New Bedford, MA.  There were 2,469 finishers.  This race was the 2nd event in the 2016 USATF-NE Grand Prix.

Sue Hackney was 3rd F 50-59 in a time of 1:34:28.  John Hackneywas 2nd M 70+ in 1:45:05.  Nick Persampieri and Beth Daut also competed.  I may have missed some other club members.  There were lots of finishers and no “state” field in the results.

In the team competition, Sue led GMAA to a second place finish in the Female Masters competition.  Sue and Beth combined for 1st and 2nd for GMAA for a fourth place finish in the Female Seniors competition. Nick was 3rd scorer in the 4th place finish of GMAA in the Male Seniors competition.  And John was the 2nd scorer for the 1st place finish of GMAA in the Male Supervets competition.  (Yes, feel free to address John as Supervet the next time you see him.)

Here are full results:

Winter Wild Whaleback Mountain

You will recall that the Winter Wild Series is a series of “uphilling” events at NH & VT ski areas.  The routes consist of going up and then back down a ski mountain via snowshoes, skis or running.  The catch is that you have to go up and come down in the same mode.  The 6th and final race of the series was held at Enfield, NH on Sunday, Mar 13.

As you have probably guessed by now, CVR crazy-uphill-ladyFabienne Pattison participated.

Results are here:

I think these are the series results:
Fabienne appears to be 2nd F 50-59 for the series.

Zion Half Marathon

The Zion Half Marathon was held in Virgin, UT on Saturday, Mar 12.  There were 2,286 finishers.

Dot Helling finished 1st F 65-69.

Results are here:

If you want to see video of Dot’s awesome sprint finish, you can click here:
You will have to watch for a few seconds for her to appear but you can’t miss her!