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Hey you guys,

First of all, I have an addition to make regarding last week’s reporting of Kaynor’s Sap Run. I failed to report that Lori Crotts was 1st F Overall in a time of 40:35. So along with Megan Valentine in 2nd Overall and Allie Nerenberg in 3rd Overall, we had an awesome CVR sweep for the top 3 women. If you look at the results closely, you might even notice that it was also a Jerichoan sweep for the top 3 women. (Jerichoite? Jerichoter? Jerichovan?) Belated congratulations to Lori.

See below for results for Half Marathon Unplugged.



Half Marathon Unplugged

The Half Marathon Unplugged was held on Saturday, April 9 in Colchester and Burlington. The race is a point-to-point event. The start is at Airport Park in Colchester and the finish is near Oakledge Park in Burlington. The middle section of the race is on the Burlington Bike Path. Even though it is billed as a no frills event, the race does provide transportation so the logistics are not too difficult. In the past, the parking and transportation staging was at the finish on Flynn Ave. This year, the parking and transportation was down near the waterfront in Burlington. I found this to be an improvement as there was tons of parking available downtown and it made the bus ride to the start shorter. Of course, I had to take a bus after the event too. But when I arrived back downtown, I got to see not-quite-CVR-member-but-friend-of-CVR Jon Floyd race by among the leaders of the 2nd wave. That was sort of cool. (And, no, I was not tempted to drop out when I ran RIGHT by my car at mile 9.5. Why do you ask?)

I didn’t mention the waves? There are two waves in the race. It’s not like most wave starts you see at big races where waves start several minutes apart. At this event, the 2nd wave starts 2 hours after the 1st wave. Experientially, it is like 2 separate races. This is to prevent congestion on the bike path and seems to work.

And, even though it is billed as no frills race, there is a free meal after the event and a free beer from Switchback.

There were 1,307 finishers in the event. The weather was nice with a slight tail wind for most of the route. I count 13 CVR members in the results. (Let me know if I missed someone. It’s so easy to miss folks in a big race!)

CVR age group winners include:
Lori Crotts–1st (of 263!) F 20-29. Lori was 3rd F Overall and also fastest CVR member. Lori ran 1:26:34 in Wave 1.
Dot Martin–1st F 50-59. Dot ran in Wave 1. (Check out the age graded results below. On this basis, Dot is 7th overall with an age graded time of 1:21:16!)
Chris Andresen–1st M 60-69. Chris ran in Wave 2.
Newton Baker–1st M 70+. Newton ran in Wave 2.
Other CVR runners in Wave 1 included: Sandy Colvin, Tim Heney, John Kaeding, Toni Kaeding, Gail Pelkey and yours truly. Other CVR runners in Wave 2 included: Sarah London, Rob McDougall and Nick Persampieri. If you notice that some race times are slower than you might expect for certain folks, you can consider that the event is 9 days before Boston Marathon. (No, I am not running in Boston. Why do you ask?)

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Wave 2

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Age Graded

This was my 7th year in a row running this event. Is this a streak? Discuss.