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Hey you guys,

It was a bright and sunny day for the 120th running of the Boston Marathon.

See below for results from:
Boston Marathon
Rollin Irish Half Marathon
A Salute to Veterans 5k
Catalina Island Marathon
Times-Argus NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament competition


Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon was held today, April 18 in Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline and Boston, MA. The race was held with 4 waves. Wave 1 started at 10:00 am with each successive wave starting 25 minutes after the prior wave.

It’s too soon to know how many finishers there were. I believe the entry limit was something like 30,000. CVR finishers include:
Rick Evans–3:06:18 in M 18-39
Sarah London–3:15:36 in F 18-39
Rob McDougall–3:27:22 in M 40-44
Dylan Broderick–3:45:22 in F 18-39
Sue Hackney–3:58:29 in F 55-59
Dot Helling–4:16:17 in F 65-69
Looking at split times, it appears to have been a hard day at the office. I haven’t talked to any of our finishers yet but I expect that the sun took a toll. (I read reports during the race of the elite women taking cups of water at the “commoners” water stations rather than waiting for their special fluid bottles every 5k.) Congratulations to all of our folks who qualified and stepped up for the challenge.

Sarah wins the prize for slowing the least. She ran the second half only 4.1% slower than the first half. Dot was second most consistent, running the second half 4.3% slower than the first half. (Note: There is some slowing down built into the course. The first half of the race is largely downhill with the Newton hills in the second half.)

Dot was registered as a Colorado resident. Whatever.


Rollin Irish Half Marathon

GMAA’s 38th Rollin Irish Half Marathon was held Saturday, April 16 in Essex. This race features a (VERY) rolling course with mostly dirt roads. It is a no-frills event with an easy-on-the-pocketbook $15 pre-registration fee. There were 99 finishers on a beautiful spring day.

CVR age-group winners include:
Allie Nerenberg–1st F 30-39 (and fastest CVR member)
Dot Martin–1st F 50-59
Donna Smyers–2nd F 50-59
John Hackney–1st M 70-79 and new course record!
Other CVR runners include Pam Eaton and Chris Eaton.

The eagle-eyed reader will note the absence of Charlie Windisch’s name in the results. I immediately concluded that Charlie was dead. Or worse. But I checked in with him and he reported that he is fine. He reports missing too much training earlier in the year to be ready for the “torture” of Rollin Irish. He’ll be back.


A Salute to Veterans 5k

A Salute to Veteran’s 5k was held Saturday, April 16 in Shelburne. There were 69 finishers. Patty Driscoll was 2nd F Overall and 1st F 60-64.


Catalina Island Marathon

The Catalina Island Marathon was held March 19 on Catalina Island off the coast of CA. (If you have never been to Catalina, it is basically a mountain in the ocean. It ain’t no sandbar!) John Kaeding was 7th in the M 65-69 age group with a time of 5:45:49. Toni Keading was 1st F 60-64 in the accompanying 5k race.

Marathon Results

5K Results

Times-Argus NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

If you want to get technical, this is not running related but bear with me. The Times-Argus had a reader competition in conjunction with the recent NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Readers submitted brackets to compete against sports writers Jamie Biggam and Kris Martin. The Thursday, Apr 7 edition of The Times-Argus had a FULL PAGE of results from the contest. There were 100’s of entries. And I am pleased to report that Allie Nerenberg was not dead last. In fact, there were 13 people who did even worse than she did. I know that is hard to believe. But I read it in The Times-Argus so it must be true.

For the rest of you who did not enter the contest, this was probably your best chance to finish ahead of Allie in any event this year. You should consider entering next year.