Results update from Jeff

Hey you guys,

The first order of business is to reveal the winner of the cleverly hidden contest from last week’s Race Results Round Up. The challenge was to name the two current CVR races that I have never run. There were no entries that named both races by the noon Friday deadline. Donna Smyers did correctly guess them Saturday at the Barre Town Spring Run but rules are rules! For the record, I have never run the Worcester 4-Mile Challenge nor the Berlin Pond Five Miler. I have no good excuse for never running the Worcester race. It just hasn’t worked out yet. (Sorry, Roy!) My excuse for not running Berlin Pond is that I have been race director since my very first day as a Vermont resident. (How did that even happen?) Anyway…the winner, drawn from the pool of all entries correctly naming one race by the deadline, is Kelly Collar. Kelly correctly guessed Berlin Pond. She incorrectly guessed Bear Swamp Run…which I have raced 6 times. I sort of like that race! Anyway…a Chill gift certificate is on its way to Kelly.

See below for results from:
Barre Town Spring Run
Craft Brew Race
New England Season Opener Triathlon


Barre Town Spring Run

The 8th annual Barre Town Spring Run was held Saturday, May 21 at in Barre Town. This 5k race was the 2nd event in the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series. Thanks to race director Andrea McLaughlin and her hard-working volunteers.

There were 136 finishers including 45 girls in the F 0-19 division and 25 boys in the M 0-19 division. Many of the youngsters were members of the Barre Town Girls Running Club and the Barre Town Boys Running Club. Apparently, the club motto is “Go Out as Fast as Possible”. It was very entertaining to watch all these little girls leave Thorin Markison at the start line like he was just standing there. It took him 90 seconds or more to catch them all and they did not give up without a fight.

There were a number of CVR members scooping up valuable race series points. Age group winners include:
Thorin Markison — 1st overall and 1st M 30-39
Brian Bushey — 2nd overall and 1st M 0-19
Jace Klein — 2nd M 30-39
Donna Smyers — 1st F 50-59
Ann Bushey — 2nd F 50-59
Mack Gardner-Morse — 1st M 50-59
Andy Shuford — 2nd M 50-59
Sue Emmons — 1st F 60-69
Celine Blais — 2nd F 60-69
John Valentine — 1st M 60-69
Roger Cranse — 1st M 70-79
Greg Wight — 1st M 70-79
Gerry Carlsen — 1st M 80-89
Denise Ricker and I also ran the race. Before leaving home, I had put a cardboard box in my car. You know, in case I won a chicken. Unfortunately, my race strategy did not pan out. (My strategy consisted of hoping that Mack’s alarm clock failed.) I believe all the prize chickens were claimed by CVR members: Thorin, Brian, Donna and Sue. Maybe?


Before the race, there was a festival of CVR excuses:
Mack and Andy wanted everyone to know that they had raced the Mutt Strutt earlier in the week.
Donna and John wanted everyone to know that they had raced the Mystic Half Marathon earlier in the week.
Sue wanted everyone to know that she had worked in her garden ALL DAY the day before.
Ann reported that Brian had not been running much lately and wasn’t super-enthusiastic about being there. (Further investigation revealed that Brian had not been running much because he has been busy playing lacrosse. Brian’s excuse was summarily rejected.)
Greg wanted everyone to know that this was his first attempt at racing after a recent bout of medical issues.
Gerry did not offer any pre-race excuses. After the race, he justified his successive slower mile splits by noting that he was older each mile of the race.

Craft Brew Race

The Craft Brew Race was held Saturday, May 21 in Stowe. There were 1,119 finishers. One of them was Leslie Welts.


Are you tired of $5 races? If you would prefer a $50 5k race for next spring, you can check it out event information here: The entry fee includes a finisher’s medal that doubles as a bottle opener, a pint glass and entry to a beer festival.

New England Season Opener Triathlon

The New England Season Opener Triathlon was held Sunday, May 15 in Hopkinton, MA. There were 424 finishers in the individual triathlon.

Dot Martin was 1st F 55-59. John Martin was 2nd M 65-69. John missed 1st place by 1.6 seconds in an 80-minute event. That’s close! John was behind after the swim leg and lost more ground during the transition. John pulled ahead and built up quite a cushion in the bike leg. John’s nemesis was again faster in the transition and faster on the run to nip him at the finish. In my opinion, John should just be happy to be competing again. I imagine that John is still thinking about those transitions.