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Henry & Nick Managan approach the finish line at the Montpelier Mile

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Here at Race Results Round Up Headquarters, we are still trying to catch up from the long weekend. See below for results from the Montpelier Mile with perhaps more patriotic results forthcoming if/when I get around to it.

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Montpelier Mile

The 11th annual Montpelier Mile was held Sunday, July 3rd in…you know where. There were 295 finishers…an all-time record for this popular event. This event was the 5th event of the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series. Jim Flint will have updated standings soon.

Results are here:

Photos are here:
There were many CVR participants along with a strong corps of volunteers working the finish line and scoring the results.

The following club members placed within the top 3 in their age groups:
Jane Miller-Arsenault, 1st F 9-12
Carmen Richardson-Skinder, 2nd F 9-12
Estherline Carlson, 3rd F 9-12
Stephen Looke, 2nd M 13-19
Dylan Broderick, 2nd F 20-29
Megan Valentine, 1st F 30-39
Leslie Welts, 2nd F 30-39
Thorin Markison, 2nd M 30-39
Rima Carlson, 1st F 40-49
Jennifer Skinder, 3rd F 40-49
Brian Carlson, 1st M 40-49
Celine Blais, 3rd F 60-69
Jamie Shanley, 1st M 60-69
Marsha Bancroft, 1st F 70-79
Dick Ferno, 1st M 70-79
Gerry Carlson, 1st M 80-89
Random observations:
If you want to win your age group more often, consider changing your last name to Carlson. It couldn’t hurt.
The fastest club member was Stephen Looke in 4:44 for 4th place overall.
There were 10 runners under 5:00. In addition to Stephen, Thorin Markison and Brian Carlson sneaked under in 4:58 and 4:59, respectively.
The fastest female club member was Megan Valentine in 5:36 for 2nd F Overall.
A few other super fast times from club members:
New member Nathan Suter in 5:20 (Age 43)
Andrew Tripp in 5:25 (Age 46)
Rowly Brucken in 5:35 (Age 47)–not shabby for an ultramarathoner
Brian Bushey in 5:44 (Age 13)
Jamie Shanley won the M 60-69 division with a time of 8:24 while running with Ava. [Confidential note to John Valentine and Chris Andresen: I know you were both volunteering at the finish line. But still! You can’t just play offense. Sometimes you have to play defense. 100 points for Jamie!]
The F 50-59 division was won with a time of 9:49. I don’t recall if we have any club members in this age group.
Nick Managan out-kicked his 3-year-old son Henry. (See photo up top.) I don’t think Henry is technically a club member but he appears to have potential. Someone sign him up!
If you ever wanted to beat Gavin Boyles, you missed your chance.
When you tell a non-running friend that you are going to run a mile race, they say something stupid like “A mile? That’s nothing for you!” Only a fellow runner understands how much pain can be crammed into 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever minutes! Congratulations to all who stepped up to run
Was Bernie Sanders at the parade? Is he still running? I don’t see him in the results.