News and notes from Donna


Never thought I’d wear my long sleeve CVR shirt and gloves on July 10!
Hi All,
NEWS FLASH! Although GMAA had the total numbers (on a per captita basis, we nailed it though), CVR won the team competition (and $150 for CVR) at Stowe 8 Miler with our top 3 males and females besting GMAA’s:
THORIN MARKISON, MATTHEW RUTHERFORD, GEORGE AITKEN, DOT MARTIN, DYLAN BRODERICK, DONNA SMYERS: Total Time 5:29:08, Avg Finish 54:51. For full team standings click here.
I am happy to have helped the team even though I was definitely the slowest of the bunch. I think the next 2 CVR women (Sandy Colvin and Leslie Welts were right there) could have taken my place and we still would have won. We had the speed depth! It was fun seeing so many team faces…23 of them by official count, but I saw a few who had the wrong team on their registration too (boo, do they still get CVR/ORS points if they raced for GMAA?). Here are the full results for the 8 Miler and 5K. I’m sure Jeff will have more in depth comments coming soon. I also want to give a shout out to the U32 XC team for the fantastic volunteering–parking, water stops, ice cream….all in the cold rain….wow!
I know others raced Mad Marathon, etc, but I was at Stowe, so it gets the attention.

I know Chris was in the other picture too, but he looks so happy as #1, and totally nailed the 100 points by choosing the 5K (and 7th OA!). See ORS FB page for many more great shots in the rain.

If you missed Fun Run today, you really missed it! Wish I’d gotten a photo–I bet if I had one of those fancy phones I would have. Surprise visits from ex-pats Norm Robinson and Brenda Phillips, and the seldom appearing locals Diane and Newton Baker and Tim Noonan made it seem like a blast from the past. In addition to the returning old guard, I saw some new people, lots of the usual people and then there were the speedy boys and social girls groups from U32 and MHS. I have no idea how Darragh keeps track of 30+ people without race numbers every Tuesday. I sure hope she keeps this up forever.
Next on the CVR Schedule is the 38th Bear Swamp 5.7 Miler on July 23 at 9 a.m. Yes it is a CVR/ORS points race and yes it remains just $5! If you don’t feel like running up and down that hill, consider volunteering for Tim Noonan (email him at ). He could still use a few volunteers. If he gets enough competent volunteers, he may even get to run his favorite race and earn his own points.

And I am betting that Jackie Jancaitis could use some volunteers for CVR’s next race– the Barre Heritage 5K on July 31 at 10 a.m. As CVR’s only trail race, it requires some extra work to keep people on the right track. Jackie is a new RD replacing Lori Lacroix, so please help her out or come and have a fun trail race. Call her at 479-4000 or email

Here’s something on the horizon. Another one of my favorite things…a hillclimb where you get to only race uphill, not down. It is kind of expensive now that we are past early registration, but there are 2 cheaper options that remain until July 31…a team of 10 from a school (just $15!) or any group of 5 signing up together. Here are the details below from the RD and Executive Director of Catamount Trail. I know of at least one member who would really prefer to get the cheaper rate if she can get a group of 5 to sign up together. CVR Membership not required (but why wouldn’t you be one?) Contact me and I will facilitate the group sign up. I am already signed up at the early bird rate–Haven’t missed one yet 🙂

Runners & Riders… The Race To The Top Of Vermont Has New Group Rates!
This year the Race To The Top organizers have reduced the number of members required to qualify for the group registration discount. This year with (5) or more people, participants can register for $40/person up until July 31st. So, grab a few friends and let’s go run, bike, or hike up VT’s highest mountain!!
(Notice: group members do NOT have to compete in the same discipline. You can have hikers, bikers, and runners in the same group).To receive the group rate discount registrations must be submitted together. You can learn more on the Race To The Top website –

Ongoing events

Fun Run every Tuesday at 5:30. Meet at the Dept of Labor parking off of Green Mtn Dr. at the bike path for 1, 2, 4, or 6 mile course options.

CVR Track Workouts every Wednesday–Intervals start at 6 pm at the Montpelier High School Track

Upcoming events

–> 7/14 3rd/Final 2016 Elmore Practice Triathlon
–> 7/18 Vermont Sun Triathlon
–> 7/23 38th Annual Bear Swamp 5.7 Miler CVR/ORS Series
–> 7/30 Round Church Womens Run 5K or 10K GMAA
–> 7/31 Barre Heritage 5K CVR
–> 8/18 Berlin Pond 5 Miler CVR/ORS Series
–> 8/19 Last Mile 5K by Gifford Medical Center
–> 8/28 Race to the Top of Vermont
–> 9/3 NSB 1 Miler and 5K CVR/ORS Series