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Newsletter, Bear Swamp…

Hi All,
Here is a newsletter announcement from Bob Howe:
Deadline for the August newsletter will be August 1st. Bob Howe would like submissions from CVR members with stories of how running has either made you feel younger or older on occasion. It can be serious or humorous. He plans to report a few humorous anecdotes from this summer that made him feel older. I have a feeling any of my anecdotes will go that direction too. Of course you can also submit any race reports, history or other fun running stories you would like to share.
Be sure to notify Allie Nerenberg if you want to receive a paper copy rather than email copy of the newsletter. I will send out a link to the pdf on Mailchimp and we will post it on the website.

This weekend is the 38th Annual Bear Swamp 5.7 Miler. It is exactly the opposite of the high priced, hyped, canned, music and beer filled 5K’s that have swept the commercial running world. Unusual distance, special mile markers, crazy hill, and low price all with CVR/ORS points up for grabs. In this race your usual running pace does not mean much. And Bear Swamp has changed dates and times of day more than any other 38 year old race I know of. We are talking about real character in this event. So see you in Shady Rill at Rumney School Saturday for the 9 a.m. start.

The following weekend you can find another race with character, the Barre Heritage Festival 5K–a fun trail race around the quarries in the Barre Town Forest. Run or volunteer and then stay and mountain bike or hike to explore the area. Contact Jackie Jancaitis if you would like to volunteer.

I am always into supporting exercise science research and received this unusual request. I did it myself to check it out and it does seem clinically valid, but a bit personal. Here is the request from University of California, San Francisco, Department of Urology:

We would like to ask you to send out this brief survey to your club members aimed at assessing exercise type and frequency with different urologic conditions. The survey is short, it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, it is completely anonymous and all data is kept securely.
Here’s is the link:
With your help, we hope to uncover new connections between exercise and men and women’s health, aid our patients and better inform the public about ways to improve their health.
Thank you so much for your time and participation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Five randomly selected participants will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card after completing the survey!
Thomas Gaither, MD/MAS (c), Research Assistant, Department of Urology
University of California, San Francisco

Ongoing events

Fun Run every Tuesday at 5:30. Meet at the Dept of Labor parking off of Green Mtn Dr. at the bike path for 1, 2, 4, or 6 mile course options.

CVR Track Workouts every Wednesday–Intervals start at 6 pm at the Montpelier High School Track

Upcoming events

–> 7/21 3rd/Final 2016 Elmore Practice Triathlon (postponed from 7/14!)
–> 7/23 38th Annual Bear Swamp 5.7 Miler CVR/ORS Series
–> 7/30 Round Church Womens Run 5K or 10K GMAA
–> 7/31 Barre Heritage 5K CVR
–> 7/31 Colchester Triathlon and Vermont Senior Games Triathlon Championship
–> 8/18 Berlin Pond 5 Miler CVR/ORS Series
–> 8/19 Last Mile 5K by Gifford Medical Center
–> 8/28 Race to the Top of Vermont
–> 9/3 NSB 1 Miler and 5K CVR/ORS Series