Special Bulletin – CVR/ORS Race Series Standings

Hey you guys,

The last 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series standings that I publicized were through Stowe 8-Miler and Flying Onion 5k. Jim Flint has updated the standings for Bear Swamp Run. Donna Smyers mentioned in News & Notes that the new standings are on-line. This is a reminder to check them out if you have not already done so.

See below for the current age group leaders.

Things to note:

There are two changes on the leaderboard with Colin Clifford displacing Thorin Markison in M 30-39 and Jim Flint displacing Mack Gardner-Morse in M 50-59. (I hate my age group.)
Remember that your best 5 results count towards your final score. If you run more than 5 races, you can start dropping your “low” scores.
Nina Aitken and Chris Andresen both have 4 races with 4 age group wins. Not too shabby.
Dot Martin has 5 races with 4 age group wins. I expect her to run another race before this is over with! You heard it here first.
At Stowe 8-Miler, Donna Smyers scored 95.7353 points compared to Dot Martin’s 100 points. At Bear Swamp Run, Donna scored 95.7656 points compared to Dot’s 100 points. That’s what I call improvement!
There are plenty of events left. You still have time to run 5 races in the series even if you have not started yet.
The full standings are posted here: http://cvrunners.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/STANDINGS_2016_073016.pdf

If you have questions or corrections, please send a nice e-mail to Jim and he will investigate: jimflintvt@gmail.com

Your next opportunity to earn points is the Berlin Pond 5-Miler on Thursday, August 18. Lots of information about the race series can be found here: http://cvrunners.org/?page_id=211


Here are the age-group leaders through 6 events:
F 0-19 — Jane Miller-Arsenault (2 races)
F 20-29 — Dylan Broderick (5 races; 2 age group wins)
F 30-39 — Leslie Welts (4 races)
F 40-49 — Rima Carlson (4 races; 1 age group win)
F 50-59 — Dot Martin (5 races; 4 age group wins)
F 60-69 — Nina Aitken (4 races; 4 age group wins)
F 70-79 — Marsha Bancroft (2 races; 1 age group win)
M 0-19 — Brian Bushey (3 races; 1 age group win)
M 20-29 — Geordy Aitken (3 races)
M 30-39 — Colin Clifford (4 races)
M 40-49 — Rowly Brucken (4 races; 1 age group win)
M 50-59 — Jim Flint (3 races; 1 age group win)
M 60-69 — Chris Andresen (4 races; 4 age group wins)
M 70-79 — Greg Wight (3 races)
M 80+ — Gerry Carlson (4 races; 3 age group wins)