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Sigh Searles and Steve Hill eagerly await the first finisher at Leaf Peepers Half Marathon

Hey you guys,

Don’t pay the ransom–I escaped! I’m glad to be back on the job here at Race Results Round Up Headquarters. We have lots of catching up to do. In the meantime, see below for results from Leaf Peepers Half Marathon & 5k. And thanks to all the many club members who volunteered to ensure a fun and safe event for all the runners.



Leaf Peepers Half Marathon

The 33rd annual Leaf Peepers Half Marathon was held Sunday, October 2 in Waterbury. There were 426 finishers. The skies were overcast and it almost tried to rain a couple of times. The temperature was great for running…a little cool for volunteers standing around but not too bad.

This event was part of the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series. Jim Flint will have updated standings soon.

Results are here:

The following club members placed within the top 3 in their age groups:
George Aitken, 3rd M 19-29 (1st club member in 10th overall in 1:27:03)
Jon Floyd, 2nd M 40-49 (right behind young George in 1:27:11)
Tim Noonan, 3rd M 60-69
John Hackney, 1st M 70-79
Other club members who bravely stared down Perry Hill include: Colin Clifford, Benjamin Kidder, Ben Ellingson, Benjamin Deede, Shannon Salembier, Meg Allison, Meredith Naughton and Kelly Collar.


The overall winner was 33-year-old Neal Graves of Stowe. If his name looks familiar, it may be because he was the winner at the NSB Flying Pig Footrace last month.
The overall female winner was 25-year-old Meagan Boucher of Manchester, NH. In the four years on the new course, the race has always been won by a Meagan/Megan. The first two years were won by Megan Valentine in course records both years. Last year, Meagan Boucher won and tied Megan V’s course record. This year, Meagan B ran 1:22:52 to demolish the record by almost 5 minutes! In addition to being overall female winner, she was 5th overall.
I have not heard who won the Onion River Sports King/Queen of the Hill awards. I will pass this info along after I find out.
I saw George Aitken finish the race. He looked so smooth. Like he was just out for an easy run. Jon Floyd was right behind him. Jon looked like he was running for his life. Youth prevailed. Again.
I overheard a young woman finisher after the race. She was in tears. She said, “There were cows RIGHT by the road. And there were rolling hills and it was all just SO beautiful.” [Please observe a moment of gratitude that you live in such a spectacular place.]

Leaf Peepers 5k

The Leaf Peepers 5k was also held Sunday, October 2 in Waterbury. There were 262 finishers. This event was also part of the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series.

Results are here:

The following club members placed within the top 3 in their age groups:
Julia Hillier, 2nd F 0-18 (3rd female overall)
Brian Bushey, 1st M 0-18 (1st club member and 2nd overall)
Kai Hillier, 3rd M 0-18 (5th overall)
Matthew Rutherford, 2nd M 19-29
Lance Parker, 3rd M 19-29
Megan Valentine, 1st F 30-39 (1st female overall and 9th place overall)
Brian Burns, 1st M 40-49 (4th overall)
Dot Martin, 1st F 50-59
Jim Flint, 1st M 50-59 (7th overall)
John Valentine, 1st M 60-69
John Martin, 2nd M 60-69
Marsha Bancroft, 1st F 70-79
Bob Murphy, 2nd M 70-79
Gerry Carlson, 1st M 80-89
There were many other club members in the race…too numerous to list. You’ll have to click on the results!


Julia Hillier and Kai Hillier are grandchildren of proud Gerry Carlson.
Yes, Brian Bushey is still running with that cast on his arm.
On the out-and-back section, I was amused to see Brian Bushey and Brian Burns running together. I couldn’t just yell “Go Brian” or even “Go Brian B”. Having to use full names in cheering definitely slowed me down a step or two.
The M 19-29 category had a little…uh…drama. Matthew Rutherford and Lance Parker finished 2nd and 3rd in the division but ran faster than the winner of the division. How can that be? Matt and Lance were out on their warm-up jog when the race started. So they had to run back down Railroad St to the start line, cross the timing mats and then run the race. If you study the results, you will note that their net times are almost 2 1/2 minutes faster than their gun times. Matt caught me at Mile 1 and Lance cruised by right after. Giving the field a massive head start, they still managed to finish 14th and 19th overall and place in their age group. (Awards are based on gun time.) Let the record show that they were NOT late to the race. They were actually there early for pre-race volunteer duties. Just a little confused. After the race, they declared the event to be a memorable learning experience and both seemed content with their prizes. Matt won a Miller Lite lawn chair with shade umbrella. (I am NOT making this up.) Lance won Darn Tough socks and Cabot cheese shaker.
Speaking of prizes, I did witness all the 5k winners from the club getting together for an impromptu prize swap. (I’ll give you this nice jigsaw puzzle for that ice cream scooper.)
Before the 5k, I was joking around with Megan Valentine and told her that I would be drafting off her in the race. John noted that Megan had run a 27-miler the day before. Andy noted that I had run a total of 22 miles in September. Anyway, after I learned that Megan was tired, I decided to let her win.
Rumor has it the Jim Flint may have raced the Art Tudhope 10k the day before the Leaf Peepers 5k.
The F 70-79 division is not always super competitive but this year it was. Marsha Bancroft won by 14 seconds. Awesome!