Results update from Jeff

Hey you guys,

Jim Flint has updated the standings for the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series. You can check them out here:
These standings reflect results through Leaf Peepers Half Marathon & 5k. See below for the current leaderboard plus Jim’s pithy comments about the age groups to watch.

Please review the standings to make sure you have received credit for all your races and to verify that your volunteer service has been recorded. If you have questions or corrections, please send a nice e-mail to Jim and he will investigate:

You have one more chance to earn points in the series. The Autumn Onion 5k is coming up on Sunday, October 30. This could be your chance to secure a win in your age group. Or maybe just to make your participation this year look a bit more respectable. There are no bonus points available for wearing a costume but you could earn plenty of bragging rights. (Example: Just imagine how much fun it would be to say “I beat Dot Martin and I was dressed up like a refrigerator and couldn’t even see where I was going.”) Race information is available here:

Also remember that you need to volunteer for at least one CVR event for your points to count in the final standings. If you need to volunteer, you have three more opportunities to do so during the Fallen Leaves Series. Go ahead and e-mail race director Tim Noonan if you want to volunteer. If you wait until the last minute, we could end up with more volunteers than runners at Fallen Leaves #3. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing!?!


Take it away, Jim Flint

Here are the current leaders by Age Group:
F 0-19 — Jane Miller-Arsenault (needs volunteer checkoff)
F 20-29 — Lori Crotts (5 age group wins – needs volunteer checkoff)
F 30-39 — Meg Valentine (5 age group wins, displacing Sarah London)
F 40-49 — Sandy Colvin (1 age group win, displacing Rima Carlson)
F 50-59 — Dot Martin (7 age group wins – 500 pts.)
F 60-69 — Nina Aitken (5 age group wins – 500 pts.)
F 70-79 — Marsha Bancroft (2 age group win)
M 0-19 — Brian Bushey (4 age group wins)
M 20-29 — Matt Rutherford (4 age group wins)
M 30-39 — Thorin Markison (2 age group wins – needs volunteer checkoff)
M 40-49 — Brian Burns (4 age group wins, displacing Rowly Brucken)
M 50-59 — Jim Flint (4 age group wins)
M 60-69 — Chris Andresen (6 age group wins – 500 pts.)
M 70-79 — John Hackney (4 age group wins, displacing Greg Wight)
M 80+ — Gerry Carlson (6 age group wins – 500 points)
Hot age group races to watch are:

Female 0-19 – Jane Miller-Arsenault has the lead. Nine other contenders have a theoretical chance of victory depending on who races at Autumn Onion.

Female 40-49 – Sandy Colvin and Rima Carlson each have 1 age group win. Sandy has raced five times. Rima has competed in four races. Sandy has a 28 point lead. Rima can overtake Sandy with a solid performance at Autumn Onion. Sandy can boost her points with a strong race at Autumn Onion by dropping her lowest point score.

Male 70-79 – John Hackney is 4 for 4 races with age group victories. Greg Wight and Roger Cranse still have a shot at the age group title if John doesn’t race at Autumn Onion.

Age group leaders who have clinched series victories are Meg Valentine, Dot Martin, Nina Aitken, Marsha Bancroft, Brian Bushey, Matt Rutherford, Brian Burns, Jim Flint, Chris Andresen, and Gerry Carlson. Lori Crotts and Thorin Markison have also clinched their age groups provided that they volunteer at a race.