Results Update from Jeff

Here we go again…

Hey you guys,

Are you sitting around wishing you had some recent race results to peruse? Your cry has been heard. See below for the following:
Fallen Leaves 5k #1
Shelburne Fieldhouse 5k, 10k and Half Marathon
Tom Walker Half Marathon
Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon
Runner’s World Half Marathon



Fallen Leaves 5k #1

The Fallen Leaves 5k #1 was held Saturday, November 5 in Montpelier. There were 47 finishers. Special thanks to Bob Murphy for serving as Race Day Race Director while Tim Noonan was off coaching the Solons at the state championships.

CVR age group winners include:
Dylan Broderick, 1st F 20-29
Leslie Welts, 1st F 30-39
Rima Carlson, 1st F 40-49
Dot Martin, 1st F 50-59
Dot Helling, 1st F 60-69
Jamie Shanley, 1st M 60-69
That’s almost a complete CVR sweep of the female age groups…only lacking F 1-19! Fortunately, Jamie was there to keep the CVR men from looking like total slackers. (Just kidding…Brian Carlson did not win his age group but he was 4th overall. And 11-year-old Sargent Burns is starting to gain notice.) And in the visiting-friends-and-family category, Rowly Brucken’s dad was visiting from Cleveland and won the M 80-99 age group. And, of course, there are lots of other club members in the results.

Complete results are here:

There are two more races ahead in the Fallen Leaves series. Race information is here: And it is not too late to earn volunteer credit in the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series. Does your name rhyme with “Florin”? A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Shelburne Fieldhouse 5k, 10k & Half Marathon

The Shelburne Fieldhouse races were held Sunday, November 6 in Shelburne. There were 75 finishers in the 5k, 126 in the 10k and 304 in the half marathon.

Interestingly enough, the half marathon was won by a woman in 43:23. That’s 3:19 min/mile pace! Perhaps that is a posting error?

In the half marathon, there were a number of CVR age group winners:
Matthew Rutherford, 1st M 20-29 and 4th overall
Sandy Colvin, 2nd F 45-49 …and, yes, she did race Fallen Leaves #1 the day before
Kate Vanden Bergh, 3rd F 50-54
Nina Aitken, 1st F 60-64
Phyllis Arsenault-Berry, 3rd F 60-64
I also spotted Ben Kidder and Gail Pelkey in the half marathon results and Becky Diedrich in the 10k results. I probably overlooked some folks too.

Complete results are here:

Tom Walker Half Marathon

The Tom Walker Half Marathon was held Saturday, November 5 in Gainesville, FL. There were 237 finishers. Jim Flint was 1st M 55-59 in a time of 1:29:04.

This event was produced by the Florida Track Club. If you are of a certain age, you will remember the marathon exploits of FTC members such as Frank Shorter, Jack Bachelor and Jeff Galloway. You can read a little history here:

Complete results are here:

Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon

The Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon was held Saturday, October 29 in St Johnsbury. There were 79 finishers including the relay teams (which are annoyingly mixed into the individual results). Dot Helling was 1st F 60-69.

Complete results are here:

Runner’s World Half Marathon

The Runner’s World Half Marathon was held on some Sunday in October in Bethlehem, PA. (I would tell you the date but RW did not see fit to put the date on their results. I downloaded the participants guide but it just says that the race was on Sunday. So there you go.) There were 1,901 finishers. John Valentine was 1st M 65-69.

Complete results are here: