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Sunday Dot and John Martin and Eric Ryea and I met at Joe’s Pond to try out the new Danville-St J section of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail, we were surprised to run into Lance Parker in the parking area. Lance, we learned, was biking back from backpacking in the White Mountains, including a summit of Mt. Washington on Friday. Do you remember how windy it was on Friday? I knew he was tough following up 2nd place in a 50 miler one weekend with a 5th OA in a 100 the next, but he wouldn’t even let me take some of the weight out of his panniers for his final 30 miles.

Speaking of new rail trails, I’m a big fan of rail trails both for running and biking. If you are too, come to an informational meeting put on by the Cross Vermont Trail Association to raise money for a bridge across the Winooski. The presentation is at the Maple Corner Community Center Nov. 15, 6-8 pm. That’s either tomorrow or today, depending on when you read this. There will be snacks! Here is info on the project: Cross Vermont Trail.

There is one more chance to get your volunteer points in the 2016 Series and Awards dinner. The 3rd and last of the season Fallen Leaves 5K is this Saturday at 9 a.m. Can you volunteer at the final one? Tim still needs 2-3 volunteers. Contact him at to let him know you can help. Bob and Sue Emmons commanded a skeleton crew last week filling in for Tim Noonan who was coaching at New Englands (CVR member Stephen Looke (U32) placed 9th, Montpelier’s Matt Hynes placed 13th both breaking 16 minutes).

It’s not too early to start planning on your New Year’s Eve 5K. Ann Bushey still needs about 7 volunteers to help her out. Please contact her early so she can enjoy her holidays without so much RD stress. If you plan to run PLEASE, PLEASE preregister. We are trying to severely curtail any financial exchanges in the Pavilion building to comply with building rules. To that end, webmaster extraordinaire John Hackney has set up an online link to register or you can print and mail the app from here. Start getting 2017 CVR/ORS race or volunteer points early!

Jim Flint has posted the final CVR/ORS Series standings. Check your results and please let him know if you see any problems either with your score or your volunteer status. After a fairly long discussion at the CVR meeting last Monday, it was decided to keep the 2017 CVR/ORS Series schedule and rules the same as in 2016. So you now know the rules, time to play the game starting on Dec 31!

This is listed below, but in case you happen to make it this far down in the email, but not that far….
CVR Saturday Morning Winter Runs start Dec. 3. Contact Jeff Prescott to be included in the weekly information emails. I will also try to put some info in our weekly news and notes, but it is best to be on Jeff’s list.

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Ongoing events

Official Fun Runs for 2016 are over! See you there next April/May at 5:30 on Tuesdays

CVR Track Workouts every Wednesday at 6 pm–As of now these continue. Bring a headlamp! Contact Steve Hill if you have questions and want to be added to his email list.

CVR Saturday Morning Winter Runs start Dec. 3. Contact Jeff Prescott to be included in the weekly information emails.

Upcoming events

–> 11/19 Fallen Leaves 5K #3 CVR
–> 11/24 14th Annual Gobble Wobble Turkey Trot 5K , Barre
–> 11/24 8th Annual Norwich VT Turkey Trot 4.4 mi
–> 11/24 40th GMAA Turkey Trot 5K
–> 12/31 New Year’s Eve 5K CVR