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Typical CVR Winter Long Run apparel on display in Adamant Feb, 2016

Now that the Fallen Leaves Race Series is complete, it is time to get psyched for the start of our 5th season of CVR Winter Long Runs. The first run of the season will be on Saturday, December 3 at 9:30 am. The meeting place for this run will be inside City Center (State and Main) in Montpelier. There is a public restroom available and there should be plenty of street parking. (Parking is free on Saturday. Don’t put money in the meter.) A variety of distances will be available. All are welcome. The runs will continue every (well, almost every) Saturday through the end of April. The runs are held in different locations each week. You are guaranteed to have the opportunity to run somewhere you have never run before. If you have questions, e-mail Jeff Prescott at jeffp_cvr@myfairpoint. Be forewarned that he may dismantle all of your excuses for not participating.

Jim Flint has posted the final CVR/ORS Series standings. Check your results and please let him know if you see any problems either with your score or your volunteer status. Since this is the final list, including final volunteer status, you have disappeared if Jim does not have you down as having volunteered at least once this year. If you do not see yourself and think you should be there, contact Jim and copy the Race Director for whom you volunteered so we can get it corrected quickly. I saw a lot of volunteers listed for the final Fallen Leaves Race. Do CVR members procrastinate?

The next CVR event is the New Year’s Eve 5K. Ann Bushey still needs about 4 volunteers to help her out. Please contact her early so she can enjoy her holidays without so much RD stress. If you plan to run PLEASE, PLEASE preregister. We are trying to severely curtail any financial exchanges in the Pavilion building to comply with building rules. To that end, webmaster extraordinaire John Hackney has set up an online link to register or you can print and mail the app from here. Start getting 2017 CVR/ORS race or volunteer points early!

Help wanted: 2 Cross Country Running Program Coaches:

Cross Country running should be safer than the roads, right? Just to show some of the danger and excitement, Mack sends this video:
If that didn’t scare you off…..
CVR members Tim Noonan and Tim Shea are planning to retire from their very successful stint coaching the Montpelier High School Cross Country Running and Track teams. If you think you might be interested in picking up where they will leave off, contact Tim for more details.

And this from Mitch Smoller of Williamstown:
I’m reaching out to look for an individual (s) who would be interested in taking over the Williamstown Middle High School Cross Country program. The team’s initial interscholastic year was 2014. Generally,the team collects about 10-12 runners each year and is a member of the Central Vermont League.
A coach who can promote and cultivate runners and running culture year round is needed. The commitment for the fall is generally the greatest- mid August to Nov 1st. If you or others who may interested, please let me know.
Thanks! Mitch Smoller, Co-Coordinator of Student Support Services
middle and high school cross country, Williamstown Elementary School


Ongoing events

Official Fun Runs for 2016 are over! See you there next April/May at 5:30 on Tuesdays

CVR Track Workout Wednesdays at 6 pm–As of now these continue. Bring a headlamp! Contact Steve Hill if you have questions and want to be added to his email list.

CVR Saturday Morning Winter Runs start Dec. 3. Contact Jeff Prescott to be included in the weekly information emails.

Upcoming events

–> 12/31 New Year’s Eve 5K CVR

–> 1/1 First Run 2017

–> 1/26 CVR Annual Volunteer and Awards Dinner (site TBD, stay tuned)