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Mark your calendar January 26, 2017 for the Annual CVR Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and CVR/ORS Series Awards. Watch later this week for your official invitation to the dinner which will be held at Positive Pie in Barre. Don’t worry, we will have gluten free options for the sensitive folks out there.

Your first chance to get points in the 2017 CVR/ORS race series is the New Year’s Eve 5K. PLEASE preregister to curtail any financial exchanges in the Pavilion building. Use this online link to register or you can print and mail the app from here. Contact Ann Bushey if you can volunteer instead of running.


CVR Winter Long Runners ready to go in Waterbury. Special prize to the first non-participant (partner/spouse of participants also excluded) to identify the long lost, mystery member with her arm around John Valentine.
Dot Martin will be hosting the CVR winter long run for Saturday, December 17. The meeting place will be the new Maplewood/VT Travelers Service Center in Berlin. Start time is 9:30 am. Please e-mail Dot if you plan to attend or have questions/requests:

Steve Hill reports that as of now, the bike path in Montpelier is clear and the Wed night speed workouts remain popular. 6 pm every Wed night. Contact Steve to be on the list for any last minute changes.

While we aren’t currently overwhelmed with race info, I’ll share some tidbits that have been shared with me. One interesting problem is predicting your marathon time based on other times. Properly pacing the early miles of a marathon can make or break the experience. There have been several calculators out there. Here’s one that Jeff Prescott shared: and explanation of the logic behind it is here: I think it may be the same formula currently on the Runners World calculator. My favorite predictor is from Bart Yasso. He said that your marathon time is about the same time you can run 10 x 800m repeats (i.e. 3:30 800’s = 3:30 marathon). It was accurate for me way back when I actually ran track workouts and marathons.
You can use these predictors for other races, but the shorter the race, the more you are likely to be fairly safe “going how you feel”. Let me know if you try these predictors and whether they are close or over or underestimate your latest marathon.


Ongoing events

CVR Saturday Morning Winter Long Runs. Contact Jeff Prescott to be included in the weekly information emails.

CVR Speed Workout Wednesdays at 6 pm–As of now these continue. Meet near the MHS track on the bike path. Bring a headlamp! Contact Steve Hill if you have questions and want to be added to his email list.

Official Fun Runs for 2016 are over! See you there next April/May at 5:30 on Tuesdays

Upcoming events

–> 12/31 New Year’s Eve 5K CVR

–> 1/1 First Run 2017

–> 1/26 CVR Annual Volunteer and Awards Dinner Positive Pie in Barre