Race Results Roundup from Jeff

An old photo from the year I won the Half Marathon Unplugged. You remember that year? Right?

Hey you guys,

Just when you thought it was safe to check your e-mail…it’s the return of Race Results Round Up. It looks like our last edition was before Thanksgiving. Sad!

See below for recent results from Half Marathon Unplugged. It was a big race and there was a strong CVR turnout. I may have missed a few folks…especially new members. Let me know if you note any oversights.

Stay tuned for more race results as the spring and summer racing season takes off. And, maybe, I will even backfill some of the interesting winter results. Maybe.



Half Marathon Unplugged

The 12th annual Half Marathon Unplugged was held Saturday, April 8 with a point-to-point course from Colchester to Burlington. There were 2 completely separate waves with the first wave starting at 9:00 am and the second wave starting at 11:00 am. There were 650 finishers in the first wave and 477 finishers in the second wave. The first wave was sold-out with 900 registrants. The second wave did not sell out this year. For both waves combined, there were 705 female finishers and 422 male finishers.

I prefer to view the event as two distinct races but results are available for the waves both separately and combined. There is also an interesting set of age-graded results. Full results are here:
http://802timing.com/results/17results/runresults/unpluggedresults.html http://w
This is a “no frills” event even though it includes chip timing, aid stations, transportation services, gear check, post-race beer and a free meal. Race shirt is optional. I guess the “no frills” part is no medal and (I think) no awards. This was my 8th year in a row running this event. I must like it.

Here is a notable performance in Wave 1:
Lori Crotts, 1st F Overall, 1st F 20-29, 12th Open Overall and fastest CVR member
Other awesome participants include: Allie Nerenberg, Richarda Ericson, Tim Heney (fastest male CVR member), Emily Kisicki, Sandy Colvin, yours truly, John Kaeding, Gail Pelkey, Becky Diedrich and Toni Kaeding.

Here are notable performances in Wave 2:
Jon Floyd, 3rd M Overall, 1st M 40-49, 4th Open Overall and fastest CVR member
Dot Martin, 1st F 50-59 and fastest female CVR member
Chris Andresen, 1st M 60-69
John Valentine, 2nd M 60-69
Manny Sainz, 3rd M 60-69 (in his half marathon debut!)
Other notable participants in Wave 2 include: Colin Clifford, Matt Germaine, Jeff Johnson, Sarah London and Rob McDougall.

Of the 10 fastest male times of the day, 9 were in Wave 1.
For the 10 fastest female times of the day, 5 were in Wave 1 and 5 were in Wave 2. [Insert your own joke about women being more balanced than men.]
Lori had the second fastest female time of the day in 1:26:27.
In the merged results, Lori finished one spot ahead of Jon F. Of course, she finished over 2 hours ahead of him as she was in Wave 1 and he was in Wave 2.
In Wave 2, Colin and Matt finished two spots apart in 1:34:26 and 1:35:02, respectively. I wonder if they saw each other?
Dot and Allie also had a virtual dogfight in different waves. Dot ran 1:39:01 in Wave 2 and Allie ran 1:39:06 in Wave 1.
Continuing the theme, Tim H ran 1:40:47 in Wave 1 to “outkick” Jeff J in 1:40:52 in Wave 2.
Sarah and Rob finished together in a time that looks suspiciously like a marathon training run. Having you ever noticed that Sarah always finishes ahead of Rob when they run together? What’s up with that? This is 2017.
I was the last person in Wave 1 to finish under 2:00:00. I can’t believe there is not some sort of special award for that.
In the age-graded standings, 56-year-old Dot had the 4th best quality performance of the day. Ironically, the best quality performance was by a 58-year-old woman that Dot out-ran by 70 seconds! You know what they say…”Live by the age-grading, die by the age-grading.” (No one has ever said that. I just made it up.)
Also In the age-graded results, 67-year-old John V vaults ahead of 61-year-old Chris. Who knew?