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Hey you guys,

First of all, I have an addition to make regarding last week’s reporting of Kaynor’s Sap Run. I failed to report that Lori Crotts was 1st F Overall in a time of 40:35. So along with Megan Valentine in 2nd Overall and Allie Nerenberg in 3rd Overall, we had an awesome CVR sweep for the top 3 women. If you look at the results closely, you might even notice that it was also a Jerichoan sweep for the top 3 women. (Jerichoite? Jerichoter? Jerichovan?) Belated congratulations to Lori.

See below for results for Half Marathon Unplugged.



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Message from Donna

Mike and Maryke Gillis enjoy the cider and donuts at Kaynor’s
Hi Runners, 
Here we go….my first attempt at club wide news and notes!  Some of you may find this in a junk or promotions mailbox since it is coming from a new email. Move me to your primary email box or you’ll miss out on lots of great info over the next 51 weeks…We have now completed Unofficial Fun Run #4 — It is wintery weather I would have loved to see in February. This week, 4 hardy runners showed up with paces ranging from run/walk to long threshold pace. As my first presidential duty, I was hoping to presentChris Andresen with a citation as the only person who has attended every single Tuesday–Instead, he remains the only person to attend the 1st three. I hear next Tuesday is supposed to be warmer, so come on out and tell us about how you did or how cold it was at Unplugged or how much fun you had at the …

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Results update from Jeff

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All roads lead to Adamant!

Hey you guys,Truth in advertising…the photo above was taken on March 20.  I believe the roads have firmed up a bit since then.

Here’s a run-down of some recent race results:

  • Kaynor’s Sap Run
  • Eastern States 20-Miler
  • New Bedford Half Marathon
  • Winter Wild Whaleback Mountain
  • Zion Half Marathon