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Look at all those speedy folks from The Wed Track workout.
Can’t say I didn’t warn you if one sprints past you at Berlin Pond!

Hi All,

Watch your inbox for a special link to the next CVR Newsletter. Our first electronic version will be out very shortly. (Editor’s note: There is a newsletter link on this page, upper left.) The print version will be mailed to the people who have chosen paper, but they may get it a couple days later.
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Special Bulletin – CVR/ORS Race Series Standings

Hey you guys,

The last 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series standings that I publicized were through Stowe 8-Miler and Flying Onion 5k. Jim Flint has updated the standings for Bear Swamp Run. Donna Smyers mentioned in News & Notes that the new standings are on-line. This is a reminder to check them out if you have not already done so.

See below for the current age group leaders.

Things to note:

There are two changes on the leaderboard with Colin Clifford displacing Thorin Markison in M 30-39 and Jim Flint displacing Mack Gardner-Morse in M 50-59. (I hate my age group.)
Remember that your best 5 results count towards your final score. If you run more than 5 races, you can start dropping your “low” scores.
Nina Aitken and Chris Andresen both have 4 races with 4 age group wins. Not too shabby.
Dot Martin has 5 races with 4 age group wins. I expect her to run another race before this is over with! You heard it here first.
At Stowe 8-Miler, Donna Smyers scored 95.7353 points compared to Dot Martin’s 100 points. At Bear Swamp Run, Donna scored 95.7656 points compared to Dot’s 100 points. That’s what I call improvement!
There are plenty of events left. You still have time to run 5 races in the series even if you have not started yet.
The full standings are posted here:

If you have questions or corrections, please send a nice e-mail to Jim and he will investigate:

Your next opportunity to earn points is the Berlin Pond 5-Miler on Thursday, August 18. Lots of information about the race series can be found here:


Here are the age-group leaders through 6 events:
F 0-19 — Jane Miller-Arsenault (2 races)
F 20-29 — Dylan Broderick (5 races; 2 age group wins)
F 30-39 — Leslie Welts (4 races)
F 40-49 — Rima Carlson (4 races; 1 age group win)
F 50-59 — Dot Martin (5 races; 4 age group wins)
F 60-69 — Nina Aitken (4 races; 4 age group wins)
F 70-79 — Marsha Bancroft (2 races; 1 age group win)
M 0-19 — Brian Bushey (3 races; 1 age group win)
M 20-29 — Geordy Aitken (3 races)
M 30-39 — Colin Clifford (4 races)
M 40-49 — Rowly Brucken (4 races; 1 age group win)
M 50-59 — Jim Flint (3 races; 1 age group win)
M 60-69 — Chris Andresen (4 races; 4 age group wins)
M 70-79 — Greg Wight (3 races)
M 80+ — Gerry Carlson (4 races; 3 age group wins)

News and Notes from Donna

News You Can Use!

Hi All,

The Barre Heritage 5K looks like they had a pretty good turnout on a nice day. I notice an interesting weird skewing of participants from the results: Female participants under 50=22, Males under 50=3, Males over 50=6, Females over 50=0. What explains that? There were plenty of over 50 women racing with me at Colchester Triathlon that day. Results for Barre Heritage are up on CVRUNNERS.ORG. Thanks to new RD Jackie Jancaitis from the Rehab Gym and her great crew of volunteers. I didn’t hear of anybody getting lost this year.
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