Message from Donna

Kids Track Meet June 3 and CVR Weekly Track Workouts start June 1!

Hi CVRunners,
Just a quick note this week. I’m all tired from cheering for my team and the rest of you at VCM. The U Go Girls managed to continue our win streak of unknown duration. I think I’ll even withhold my comments on the whole process. Well, just one comment… It’s always that hot and humid in Kona and the race takes from 8-17 hours there. I think it all depends on expectations. Congrats to all you who finished whether it counted or not.
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Results update from Jeff

News you can use…

Hey you guys,

I was away this weekend so I have no eyewitness report from
the Vermont City Marathon on Sunday, May 30 in Burlington. I understand it was hot. Very hot. You have probably heard that the race was cancelled mid-event.

Free Press news coverage

You can also read statements from RunVermont here:

and here:

The race was cancelled about 4 hours into the event. So far, RunVermont has posted unofficial results for runners who finished within 4:30. For runners who did not finish within 4:30 or did not finish, RunVermont has posted split times from before the cut-off.
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