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CVR Birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: Ella Armstrong, Phyllis Arsenault-Berry, Brian Bushey

Hi CVR Members,

Happy November!!
Hope you are all enjoying the early snow. It will not last this week, but will have some impact on the Fallen Leaves during the week. We completed Autumn Onion 5K over the weekend. We had 19 registered runners on the two courses. Hope you all enjoyed the run. We were not considering your speed in the event or place, but Onion River Outdoors is selecting the winners based on costume. At the writing of this news and notes, I do not know the winners yet. Most likely I will be announcing next week. If you have not submitted your photo to Onion River Outdoors yet, please do today!!

Autumn Onion 5K
The following are the results of the event. I will announce the winners of the costumes contest later.

first namelast namegenderage grouptime

Fallen Leaves 5K
The Fallen Leaves 5K has started. A couple of important notes to make here.

Course change
It came to our attention there was some obstacles in the current course that had been posted. Therefore, a new course has been posted to our website and I will state it here as well.
Fallen Leaves 5k- This is a slightly revised course from past years. The start is just at the point on the Montpelier High School track where it makes its first turn (about 30 yards up from where it started in the past). It is marked by orange flagging on the fence adjacent to the bike path. Take two complete laps clockwise on the track. Start a third lap and exit the track where the temporary fence on the left of the track takes a sharp left, take a very sharp left (do not go into the parking lot) and follow the temporary fence until it ends, then take a left to enter the dirt drive on the side of the high school. Follow the dirt drive to the beginning of the bike path at the front of the school. Take a left on the bike path. Follow the bike path to its end just past the I-89 overpass and turn around at the end of the path. The turn is marked by orange flagging on the sign to the right of the bike path. Retrace your steps by running the length of the bike path back to the front of the school. Take a right at the beginning of the path, pick up the dirt drive and follow it until the beginning of the temporary fence, and follow the temporary fence on the outside until you get back to the place on the track where you left it at the beginning of the race. Take a right on the track and head directly to the finish line (same as the start line) without circling the track.

For the Fallen Leaves Series, we have decided to mix it up some. Prizes would go to the top 5 age/gender weighted winners. This will make it more challenging and interesting for the participants.

Unplugged Half Marathon
Last week I reported on CVR runners who ran the Unplugged Half Marathon and I missed two members, Elizabeth McCarthy and Tom Mowatt. So here is the full list of all 9 members who ran it this year.

Unplugged Half Marathon Results

Name                      Gender    Age Group        Time
George Aitken             M          20-29                1:16:09
Sal Acosta                   M          40-49                1:42:04
Nina Aitken                  F           60-69                1:52:31
Tom Mowatt                 M          60-69                 1:53:35
Manny Sainz                M          60-69                1:54:10
Joe Merrill                    M          50-59                1:54:33
Tom Hogeboom           M          60-69                1:58:31
Elizabeth McCarthy     F           60-69                 2:18:34
Phyllis Tillinghast         F           50-59                2:21:10

Boston Marathon
If you didn’t already know it, the Boston Marathon has already been postponed until the fall of next year.

CVR Newsletter
This is the last reminder, the last day for submission of upcoming Newsletter is Friday November 6th. Get your articles in!! Send to Alice.

Pictures from Autumn Onion 5K

I tried to get as many as I could from ORO Facebook page. If I missed your picture I apologize.

Ongoing/Upcoming events 

The CVR Fall Virtual Run Series.
Race            Window
Fallen Leaves (1)                       11/1 – 11/7
Fallen Leaves (2)                       11/8 – 11/14
Fallen Leaves (3)                       11/15 – 11/21

Safe Running!
Manny Sainz