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Barb Flint caught these guys while watching for Jim’s CVR shirt. She might have been confused by the red singlet.

Happy CVR Birthdays!

Happy Birthday this week to: Erin Preston, Eric Ryea, Mack Gardner-Morse, Amy Dickinson, Trish Hasper, Lisa Brucken, Cathy Eustis, Marie Comtois!

Guess what? I just did a count, and 48 of the families (that’s nearly 100 members) actually have expired memberships. Do you know who you are? Allie just sent out a reminder to those not renewed. If you didn’t get an email from her, you are probably good for the year. If you did get one, what are you waiting for???? If you want to check on your expiration date, here is a Membership List. The expired folks are on the first page, the rest of you folks who are on top of it are on the following pages. Of course, if you see an error, let us know…not me though, contact our membership director: Allie Nerenberg.
Quickest and easiest but of course with the small runreg fee is to sign up right now on-line. If you sign up for multiple years, you won’t have to remember next year. But if you prefer the old fashioned paper and check method, print this app and get it out.
Without renewing, you will continue to get these exciting, informative emails from me until about June 1 to give you lots of reminders about why you just couldn’t bear losing your membership, but you must renew by June 1 to be counted in the CVR/ORS Race Series for all the races including NYE 5K and Barre Town Spring Run.

Almost too sunny for a picture!
10 attended the penultimate Unofficial Fun Run of the season!
(I counted Manny who once again documented our smiling faces)

I left the doggie bag station in the Fun Run photo for 2 reasons:

1. CVR’s first race of the season, the 21st Annual CVR Mutt Strutt is on Sunday, April 30! Spread the word to make it a big success. If you’d like to volunteer, contact Cindy Gardner-Morse or Matt Germaine.

2. Another type of trash pick up notice from Mack Gardner-Morse:
As anyone who has run Fun Run this Spring knows, the melting snow has left a lot of trash along our Fun Run route. I want to thank all the people who helped green up the course last year.
Since Green Up Day is Saturday May 6th, I’d like CVR to green up our Fun Run course on Thursday May 4th at 5:30 p.m. Families with children could help green up along the bike path in Montpelier. Older kids and adults could help green up the rest of our 2.5 mile route. I’ll bring green up bags, nitrile gloves and a pickup truck for collecting the bags. I’ll be at the back of the Department of Labor parking lot at the start of the Fun Run course from ~5:15 p.m. until ~5:45 p.m. People can call me with questions.
Mack 223-5738 (home)

Last Chance for a Saturday morning long run with the group….Jeff Prescott has a challenge out to get at least 8 runners participating so we can set a new average participant per run record. Come enjoy the rec path and make Jeff happy. The April 22 CVR ‘Winter’ Long Run will be hosted by Andy Shuford, Saturday at 9:30 a.m. on the Stowe Rec Path. Meet at the lower parking lot behind the Stowe Community Church. Contact Andy,, for info or to let him know you are coming.

Note: I included the May 6 Color Run at U32 in the calendar. You only have 2 days to register, so if you’ve always wondered about doing one of those Color Runs, sign up by the April 21 registration deadline. It is put on by students including CVR member Ella Bradley.

Reminder to high school seniors! Did you know GMAA gives scholarships to Northern VT runners? Check it out and apply by April 21


Ongoing events

CVR Speed Workout Wednesdays at 6 pm. Meet on the MHS track warmed up by 6. Contact Steve Hill if you have questions and want to be added to his email list.

Unofficial Fun Runs for 2017 have begun–no timing, but somebody is likely to join you if you show up. Official Fun Runs start May 2. 5:30 every Tuesday. Meet at the bike path behind the Dept of Labor Park & Ride. Run 1, 2, 4 or 6 miles.

Upcoming events

–> 4/22 GMAA Rollin Irish Half Marathon, Essex
–> 4/29 Greenfield NH 5K and 10 K
–> 4/29 ORS Muddy Onion (bike ride), Montpelier
–> 4/29 Choice Academy 5K Fun Run/Walk, Barre Town Rec Field
–> 4/30 Sleepy Hollow Mtn Race
–> 4/30 CVR Mutt Strutt
–> 5/6 Color Run at U32
–> 5/7 Run for Jim 5K , St Albans
–> 6/4 Race to the top of Bradford

Feel free to email me any additional events that should be listed here.