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CVR Birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: Maricela Acosta, Helen Bryan, Rima Carlson, Rebecca Diedrich, John Mattern, Andrew McCormick

Hi CVR Members,
The governor continues to turn the spigot a little at a time in opening the economy. Except for a cluster outbreak in Winooski, the results seem to be going well and many people are returning to a new norm which includes following guidelines. As people and businesses need to follow strict guidelines for the foreseeable future, so do running clubs. The race committee and race directors have been discussing the unique requirements in great detail. The limitation of 25 people in a group (including racers and volunteers) is only one of the issues we face. Others include obtaining city and town approvals and permits as well as approvals for using schools or parks and other locations. Some of our events are already in denial or require us to wait until restrictions have been further lifted. To further complicate things considerations need to be given to aid stations, porta potties and restrooms. Given the uncertainty of all this the race committee has decided we will not be offering any live events at least through Labor Day weekend. This falls in line with most other running clubs which have canceled or postponed events through the end of August. Alternatively, we are creating a virtual “Participation Race Series” that will include all the events that were previously planned for April through Labor Day weekend. This series would be different than the previous virtual run series as the participants would need to run the actual course. There would be no set time to run any of the events and you could do it anytime between the time it is launched until Labor Day weekend. The idea is to use a ticket system with a lottery at the end of the series to win prizes. We are still working on this concept and I hope to be able to announce it next week and launch it by the following weekend.

The CVR Social Distancing Virtual Run Series came to an end over the last weekend. There was great participation for this series with 295 participants in the 8-week series!! I will provide the results here and I have updated the dashboard which you still can access and view results in more details. Click here for the dashboard CVR Virtual Run Series Dashboard.

Honors for the most events completed goes to Joy Kogut and Darrell Lasell with 11 events. Next was Cheryl Lasell with 10 followed by Sal Acosta, Jeff Prescott, Andy Shuford, Norm Robinson and Phyllis Tillinghast who completed 8 events.

 10 Miler10K5KDoggie 5KHalf MarathonMarathonGrand Total
Week 1  132957357
Week 24112047 46
Week 32102324 41
Week 4331312 22
Week 5861721 34
Week 6451715 32
Week 71111412 29
Week 8351628 34
Grand Total256414918363295

CVR Virtual Run Series Results Week 8

5 K Results (14) 
KellyHadiaris 0:20:56
Arthur Hamlin 0:25:29
BrandyKolling 0:38:06
10 K Results (5) 
NormRobinson 1:15:23
10 Miler (3)  
Audrey Acosta2:07:00
Grace Acosta2:07:00
Half Marathon (8) 
PaulMurphy 1:54:23
Phyllis Tillinghast 2:22:06
Doggie 5K (2) 

For full results click this link.

Postponements and Cancellations

As mentioned earlier, all of our events up until Labor Day will become part of our CVR Participation Race Series.

Adamant Half Marathon – Canceled – Participation Series
Paul Mailman 10 miler – Canceled – Participation Series
Barre Town Spring Run – Canceled – Participation Series
Vermont City Marathon – Postponed until 10/25/2020
Kid’s Track Meet – Canceled
Capital City Stampede – Canceled – Participation Series
Montpelier Mile – Canceled – Participation Series
Bear Swamp 5.7 Mile – Canceled – Participation Series
Barre Heritage 5K – Canceled – Participation Series

Newsletter Editor search

We are still searching for a newsletter editor. Please contact Andy Shuford. Click on his name to send him an email.

CVR Annual Meeting

I will be planning for our annual meeting using Zoom. I will announce it next week.

Ongoing events

None to report.

Upcoming events 

Stay tuned for the CVR Participation Race Series!!

Safe Running!
Manny Sainz