21st annual Bear Swamp Run

July 8, 1999

Race Results

48 runners participated in the 21st annual Bear Swamp Run on July 8, the largest field for this race in many years. The race was held on a cool Thursday evening. In past years, the race was held on Saturday morning but, given the turnout, it appears having the event on a weekday evening is a more popular choice. Dave Birse of New Hampshire and local stalwart Dot Martin were the overall male and female winners of the 5.7 mile race.

This was the ninth year the Central Vermont Runners have sponsored this low key, fun event along with the Middlesex Recreation Committee. The race is most notable for its hills and rustic nature. The loop course climbs 450 feet in the first 2 1/2 miles, and then is mostly flat or downhill for the remaining three plus miles. Many thanks to Norm Robinson for providing invaluable assistance. Thanks also to the Middlesex Recreation Committee for arranging to have the school open. -- Tim Noonan, Race Director


Female 13-29		Carla Provost		48.41

			Margaret Edmonds	50:54

			Pratima Cranse		52:20

			Shelly Smith		59:06

			Meghan Farrington	65:26

Female 30-39		Dot Martin		38:04

			Laura Medalie		43:51

			Lori Lacroix		44:02

			Alicia Leahy		46:01

			Maryke Gillis		52:39

Female 40-49		Donna Smyers		39:40

			Ann Gilbert		40:13

			Merill Cray		43:16

			Kathy Barrows		43:56

			Carol Van Dyke		45:34

			Nance Smith		48:08

			Ann Bushey		52:46

			Hope Crifo		56:08

Female 50-59		Elizabeth Meiklejohn	55:18

			Norleen Jones		56:59

Male 13-29		Daniel Scheidt		38:03

			Eric Cole-Johnson	39:14

			Chris Wilkins		39:33

			Steven Bell		40:03

Male 30-39		Dave Kissner		37:37

			Dick Millar		37:48

			Tim Kruger		38:48

			Mack Gardner-Morse	39:51

			Matthew Czaplinski	40:06

			Doug Mann		45:07



Male 40-49		Dave Birse		35:27

			Steve Burkholder	36:13

			John Valentine		36:49

			Jamie Shanley		36:49

			Mike Gillis		38:27

			Eric Ryea		39:11

			Pete Kelly		40:55

			Charles Evans		41:17

			Charles Merriman	41:27

			John Dunkling		42:39

			Nekoma Cheyenne		42:54

			Neil Van Dyke		43:25

			John Martin		44:39


Male 50-59		Bob Murphy		42:56

			Jim McWilliam		45:26

			William Jones		56:59

			Roger Cranse		66:15

Male 60+		Bob Mercier		49:10