Third Annual Mutt Strutt

at Little River State Park, Waterbury, Vermont

April 25, 1999

Race Results

A Central Vermont Runners event at Little River State Park, Waterbury, Vermont to benefit the Central Vermont Humane Society

For the third year in a row, the weather was ideal for the Mutt Strutt. The women runners ruled the day. Caitlin Compton, fresh from a successful season of nordic ski racing at the national level, was in shape to win - the only question mark was her 10-year old dog Clover. Clover kept pace and the pair topped the entire field in 19:00, beating their own course record for women of 19:20 set in 1997. Dot Martin and Kona, who edged out Caitlin and Clover last year in the women's competition, were second overall in a fast 19:22. Former winners Tim Noonan and Gus were third overall and top men's team.

We appreciate the great support from our sponsors: Ide's Feed Store, Onion River Animal Hospital, Julio's Restaurant, House Mouse Designs, and KC's Bagel Cafe. The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation kindly waived the permit fee for use of the park, and The Hartigan Company gave us a reduced rate for the portable toilet service. Because of the generosity of these parties, most of the race entry fees went directly to support the Central Vermont Humane Society. Thanks also to Eric Ryea, Dave Kissner, Cristine Maloney, Richard Cleveland, Mack Gardner-Morse, John Martin, Bruce Westcott, Patty Welsh, and Michael Chernick for volunteer help on race day. See you again next year!

                                                      Runner	Runner	Dog  Place in

Place  Human		Dog	Residence	Time	M/F	class	class  class

=====  =====		===	========	====	===	=====	=====  ======

1      Caitlin Compton	Clover	Warren		19:00	F	Open	Large	1

2      Dot Martin	Kona	Barre		19:22	F	Open	Med	1

3      Tim Noonan	Gus	Montpelier	20:06	M	Masters	Med	1

4      Geoff Hurwitch	Riley	Middlesex	22:34	M	Open	Large	1

5      Laura Medalie	Arlo	E. Montpelier	22:56	F	Open	Med	2

6      Kimberly Walsh	Bandit	Enfield, NH	23:51	F	Open	Med	3

7      Kathy Dragon	Rosie	Waterbury Ctr.	24:39	F	Open	Small	1

8      Marcy Nisenholtz	Sam	Morrisville	24:43	F	Open	Large	2

9      Bill Lorenz	Koda	Richmond	24:57	M	Masters	Med	2

10     Maggie Anderson	Tish	Stowe		25:36	F	Open	Med	4

11     Nance Smith	Clay	E. Montpelier	25:55	F	Masters	Large	1

12     Kim Kendall	Sandy	East Montpelier	25:56	F	Open	Large	3

13     Carol Simon	Sparkey	Stowe		26:03	F	Masters	Large	2

14     Karen Kane	Tango	Williston	26:08	F	Masters	Large	3

15     Libby Hale	Olive	Waterbury Ctr.	26:56	F	Open	Large	4

16     John Halpin	Chris	Thetford Ctr.	27:25	M	Masters	Small	1

17     Hope Crifo	Loki	Middlesex	28:25	F	Masters	Large	4

18     Matt Bijun	Sage	Burlington	28:26	M	Open	Med	1

19     Roger Murphy	Kota	Stowe		28:27	M	Open	Large	2

20     Tom Slayton	Alice	Montpelier	29:21	M	Masters	Med	3

21     Cynthia		Jacob	Calais		29:51	F	Masters	Large	5


22     Ruth Lazenby	Belle	Montpelier	30:15	F	< 18	Med	1

23     Mary Roux	Star	Northfield	31:04	F	Open	Small	2

24     Katie Greenleaf	Sully	Waterbury Ctr.	32:15	F	Open	Med	5

25     Dylan Kane	Jazzy	Williston	32:51	M	< 18	Med	1

26     Ellen Roux	Benny	Northfield	34:53	F	< 18	Med	2

27     Chelsea Welsh	T.C.	E. Montpelier	37:12	F	< 18	Large	1

28     Cassandra Brush	~stroller~  Woodbury	39:12	F	Open		1

29     Scott Skinner	Coco	Montpelier	41:59	M	Masters	Large	1

30     Maureen Carr	Lily	Montpelier	44:08	F	Open	Med	5

31     Andrea Stander	Blue & Mocha Montpelier	51:22	F	Masters	Med	1

32     Chuck Sontheimer	Chelsea	Northfield	51:23	M	Masters	Samll	2

33     Fred Dunan	Jake	Somersworth, NH	DNF	M	Open	Med