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Donna’s News and Notes

Happy Solstice!

CVR Birthdays this Week!

Happy Birthday this week to: Richard Ferno, June Burr, Laura Tracy

Happy Summer! Great day for speed work. Wednesdays have been lucky with good weather for a year now. We are also getting some fast youth and a good group of new people at the Tuesday Fun Runs. Watch for results in the World — Darragh submits results and they print them each week.

Jim Flint has compiled the results to date for CVR/ORS series –see how you are doing HERE. I count 23 females and 33 males in the results so far. The biggest AG’s are 50-59 F and 60-69 M. The 60-69 M AG also has the most hotly contested race so far: Mike Gillis 294.7, Tim Noonan 293.6. Dot Helling leads in the women’s point total with 288.0. Jon Floyd and Dot Martin are undefeated with 200 points, but nobody has the maximum 300 points possible to date.

Please check that you are listed for any races you’ve done and that the volunteer box is checked if you already volunteered this year. If you see an error, please send a nice note to Jim I have notified him of a couple of omissions and he will be working on updating it soon with corrections and Paul Mailman 10 Miler results.
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News and Notes from Donna

News you can Use!

CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday this week to: Rebecca Diedrich, Caroline Evans, Helen Bryan, John Hackney, Chris Lacey, Sarah London

It was fun seeing so many familiar faces at Capitol City Stampede. Great turnout from the volunteers and congrats to Shannon on building back the participant numbers (by ordering some nice weather?). Results are on Jim Flint is now compiling the results to date for CVR/ORS series now that we are 3 races in–expect a posting notice soon.
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News and Notes from Donna

News you can Use!

CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday this week to: Wilson Skinner, Rima Carlson, John Mattern, Craig Colvin, Todd Crow, Maricela Acosta

Warm ups are half the fun!


Capital City Stampede is this Saturday, June 10 at 9 a.m.! Shannon desperately needs volunteers! The Sheriff just backed out and we really need help at State and Bailey to avoid smushed runners! She is short 6 people still, so please consider helping out! Email her today:!

Paul Mailman 10 Miler and 5K is Sunday, June 25. You only get CVR/ORS Series points for the 10 Miler, but the 5K should be fun if you want to watch the 10 milers suffer at the finish after you’ve rested and eaten. Let Andy Shuford, know if you can volunteer for Paul Mailman.

I know with this weather that it is hard to believe that July 3 is less than 4 weeks away. Tristan at ORS tells me that you haven’t responded to my announcement that the Montpelier Mile Registration is open. Save $10 by registering early, so get on it! I’ve never raced a mile in my life and think I’ll be signing up just to keep counting to 5 in my CVR/ORS points. New challenges are supposed to be good, right? And anybody watching can have a good laugh if they are so inclined. This is a really fun race for kids, and the family rate is lower, so also tell your friends and neighbors about it. This year, experience the race with chip timing instead of our stressful finishing chutes.

And next thing you know, it will be July 9 with the Stowe 8 Miler and Flying Onion 5K then July 15 for the 39th Annual Bear Swamp 5.7 Mile Race. Peak racing season is short, so just go for it! The schedule seems to slow down after mid July.

One other announcement from Allie Nerenberg:. Instead of volunteering at our next couple of races, Pam and Chris Eaton decided June 2 was a good time for baby Harley to enter the world (or Harley decided). I don’t know how much help they want or need, but Allie set up a Meal Train to give them a break while they figure out how to do this new job. If you’d like to be part of welcoming the newest CVR member into the club, here’s the link Congratulations Pam and Chris!

Ongoing events

CVR Fun Run every Tuesday, May to October, at 5:30 pm. Meet at the bike path behind the Dept of Labor Park & Ride. Run 1, 2, 4 or 6 miles. Run for time and/or as a social run–your choice!

CVR Speed Workout Wednesdays at 6 pm. Meet on the MHS track warmed up by 6. Contact Steve Hill if you have questions and want to be added to his email list.

Upcoming events

–> 6/8 1st Elmore Practice Triathlon for 2017
–> 6/10 Capitol City 10K CVR/ORS Race Series
–> 6/16 GMAA Equinox Trail Race
–> 6/17 Mount Washington Road Race
–> 6/22 2nd Elmore Practice Triathlon for 2017
–> 6/25 Paul Mailman 10 Miler and 5K CVR/ORS Race Series
–> 7/3 Montpelier Mile CVR/ORS Race Series
–> 7/4 35th Annual Clarence DeMar 5K
–> 7/6 Final Elmore Practice Triathlon (and picnic!)
–> 7/9 Stowe 8 Miler and 5K CVR/ORS Race Series
–> 7/15 39th Annual Bear Swamp Race CVR/ORS Race Series

Feel free to email me any additional events that should be listed here.

News and Notes from Donna

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CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday this week to: Adele Nicols, Shawn Bryan, Beatrice Curtin, Sandy Colvin, Steve Comolli, Rick Evans, Olga Kissner, Jon Copans

Ready to Race?

Quick announcement: Questions have been coming up about the weather due to predictions for storms this week. The official policy is that Fun Run cancels if it is lightning out. The roads are open to the public, so it is your choice what to do, but it is officially over if we see lightning. A distant rumble of thunder may be overlooked. Steve Hill is implementing a similar policy for Wednesday evening workouts, but will let those on the list know exactly what his policy is. Races that people pay for are at the RD’s discretion. Right now, my hour by hour forecast for today says chance of rain, not thunderstorms at 5:30.
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News and Notes from Donna

News you can Use!
Lots of CVR Birthdays this Week!

Happy Birthday this week to: Silas Baker, Andy Shuford, Beth Daut, Chris Eaton, Gretchen Elias, Barbara Flint, Kelly Hadiaris, Leah Acosta, Paschal DeBlasio, David Vanderlinde-Abernathy, Lance Parker, Scott Skinner (Actually, there are 3 on this list who are not CVR members, but have one more week left in the grace period. You know who you are?)

Barre Town Spring Run
Kids take off as adults look down to start their watches

Have you heard what CVR member Lance Parker is doing right now? He is attempting to run 888K in 10 days. It looks on the course map like every 27 mile figure 8 includes about 4500 ft of vertical. Last I knew he was in the lead. Below….a pleasant start to Day 2 and Kelly Hadiaris accompanies him in some different weather. I’m pretty sure Fabienne Pattison did some pacing too. I think you still have time to register for the 8K, the marathon, the 88K or the 100 Miler which start Friday-Sat if you want to be there for the finish! To register or track Lance check out the Infinitus.

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