CVR Race Results 2016 – 2020

2020 Race Results
The normal race schedule for 2020 was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. CVR President Manny Sainz and the CVR Race Committee organized two virtual series of races to replace the in-person schedule.

Summer Virtual Participation Race Series
The Summer Race Series consisted of 10 races normally scheduled during the spring and summer. Races had to be run between July 1 and September 7 on the actual race courses. Thirty six runners entered a total of 192 times for the ten race series.
Race Results
Paul Mailman 10 Miler:  Overall   Age Group
Paul Mailman 5K:  Overall   Age Group
Adamant Half Marathon:  Overall   Age Group
Barre Town Spring Run 5K:  Overall   Age Group
Capital City Stampede:  Overall   Age Group
Montpelier Mile:  Overall   Age Group
Bear Swamp Run:  Overall   Age Group
Barre Heritage 5K Trail Run:  Overall   Age Group
Berlin Pond 5 Miler:  Overall   Age Group
Northfield 5K:  Overall   Age Group
Fall Virtual Race Series
The Fall Race Series consisted of 7 races normally scheduled during the fall race season.  Each race was run on the actual race course within the start and end dates for that race.
Race Results
Sodom Pond 4 Miler:  Overall   Age Group
Leaf Peepers 5K:  Overall   Age Group
Leaf Peepers Half Marathon:  Overall   Age Group
Autumn Onion 5K:  Overall   Age Group
Fallen Leaves 5K #1:  Overall   Age Group   Age Graded
Fallen Leaves 5K #2:  Overall   Age Group   Age Graded
Fallen Leaves 5K #3:  Overall   Age Group   Age Graded

New Year’s Eve 5K
The NYE 5K was run as a virtual race for 2020 because of COVID restrictions.
Race Results
Overall  Age Group

2019 Race Results
2019 CVR/ORS Series Final Standings
Paul Mailman 10 Miler  April 27
Paul Mailman 5K  April 27
Mutt Strut  April 28
Adamant Half Marathon and Relay  May 11
Barre Town Spring Run  May 18
Capital City Stampede  June 8
Montpelier Mile  July 3
Bear Swamp Run  July 13
Barre Heritage 5K  July 27
Berlin Pond 5 Miler  August 15
Northfield Savings Bank 5K and 1 Mile  August 31
Groton Forest Trail Races  September 14
Sodom Pond  September 18
Leafpeepers 5K Overall  Age Group  October 6
Leafpeepers Half Marathon Overall  Age Group  October 6
Fallen Leaves #1  November 2
Fallen Leaves #2  November 9
Fallen Leaves #3  November 16
New Year’s Eve 5K  December 31

2018 Race Results
2018 CVR/ORS Series Final Standings
Mutt Strutt  April 22
Paul Mailman 10 Miler  April 28
Paul Mailman 5K  April 28
Adamant 20 Miler and Relay  May 6
Barre Town Spring Run  May 19
Capital City Stampede  June 9
Montpelier Mile  July 3
Bear Swamp  July 14
Barre Heritage  July 29
Berlin Pond 5 Miler  August 16
Northfield Savings 5K/1 Mile  September 1
Sodom Pond  September 12
Groton Forest Trail Races  September 15
Leafpeepers 5K Overall  Age Group  September 30
Leafpeepers Half Marathon Overall  Age Group  September 30
Autumn Onion  October 28
Fallen Leaves 5K #1  November 3
Fallen Leaves 5K #2  November 10
Fallen Leaves 5K #3  November 17
NYE 5K  December 31

2017 Race Results
2017 CVR/ORS Series Final Standings
Mutt Strutt  April 30
Barre Town Spring Run  May 20
Capital City Stampede 10K  June 10
Paul Mailman 5K  June 25
Paul Mailman 10 Mile  June 25
Bear Swamp Run  July 15
Barre Heritage 5K  July 30
Berlin Pond 5 Mile  August 17
NSB 5K/1 Mile  September 2
Sodom Pond Run  September 20
Leafpeepers 5K Overall  Age Group  October 1
Leafpeepers Half Marathon Overall  Age Group  October 1
Autumn Onion 5K  October 29
Fallen Leaves #1  November 4
Fallen Leaves #2  November 11
Fallen Leaves #3  November 18
NYE 5K  December 31

2016 Race Results
2016 CVR/ORS Series Final Standings
Adamant 20 Mile  May 7
Mutt Strutt  May 15
Barre Town Springrun  May 22
Capital City Stampede  June 11
Worcester 4 Miler  June 19
Paul Mailman 10 Miler  June 26
Montpelier Mile  July 3
Stowe 8 Miler/5K  July 10
Bear Swamp  July 23
Barre Heritage 5K  July 31
Berlin Pond 5 Miler  August 18
NSB 1 Mile, September 3 Overall  Age Group
NSB 5K, September 3 Overall  Age Group  Top 10
Sodom Pond 4 Miler  September 14
Leafpeepers 5K Overall  Age Group  October 2
Leafpeepers Half Marathon Overall  Age Group  October 2
Autumn Onion 5K  October 30
Fallen Leaves #1  November 5
Fallen Leaves #2  November 12
Fallen Leaves #3  November 19
New Year’s Eve 5K  December 31

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