Groton Forest Trail Run


26.5 and 15 Mile trail runs
in the Groton Forest

Saturday, September 7, 2019

SPONSORS: Cross Vermont Trail Association

LOCATION: Boulder Beach State Park, Groton, VT

PRE-REGISTRATION: Online registration with UltraSignup
  Registration opens on February 1.

STARTING TIMES: 26.5 miler: 7:00am | 15 miler: 9:00am

FEES: 26.5 miler: $60; $75 after July 4.
15 miler: $40; $50 after July 4.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Both courses are a mix of: Hiking Trail (generally technical single track), Multi-use Trail (open to bikers and horses – mixed single and double track), and Dirt Road (forest/park road, rail trail, and town roads). They were both designed to feature some of the best trails and most interesting spots of the northern end of Groton State Forest with as little overlap as possible.

15 mile course

The short course is about 15 miles with 3200 ft. of elevation gain. This course features the summits of Big Deer and Little Deer with views of Lake Groton, and Owls Head overlooking Kettle Pond. This course is about 50% technical single track, 25% multi-use trail, and 25% dirt road.

26.5 mile course

The long course is about 26.5 miles with 5000 ft. of elevation gain. This course is 60% technical single track, 10% multi-use trail, and 30% dirt road. In addition to Big Deer, Little Deer, and Owls Head this course features the loops around Kettle and Osmore Ponds.

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