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CVR News and Notes from Donna

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CVR Birthdays this Week!

Happy Birthday to: John Martin, Norm Robinson, Gavin Boyles, and Nina Aitken!


Hey, we’ve made it to the earliest sunsets for another year. We afternoon runners can all appreciate that sunset in Montpelier is now 4:11 pm from today until next Wednesday and then we start gaining some daylight. I’m afraid you morning runners have to wait until Dec 29-Jan 7 for your latest sunrise of 7:26 a.m. before you start heading the other way.

Wow! 17 people participated in the inaugural Saturday Winter Long Run of the series and a couple more showed up for post run refreshments. The best part is we had a distribution of ages 17-66 (almost, he turns 66 today) and practically filled La Brioche for an hour or so afterwards. The Saturday morning run for Dec 9 will be hosted by Beth Daut at 793 Crosstown Rd. in Berlin. Contact Beth for details and so she has an idea of how many want to run how far. Be there ready to run at 9:30.
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News and Notes from Donna

News you can use!

CVR Birthdays this Week!

I know I wasn’t going to write this week, but just a few things popped up…
so this week’s birthdays for a 2nd time:
Happy Birthday to: Will Jones, Jill Aspinall (New AG!), Brynn Bushey, Asa Richardson-Skinder, Hartley Bingham, & Leif Richardson

Important Correction!!

Annual Volunteer and Series Awards Dinner, Thursday January 25 at the Steakhouse in Berlin. I apologize for the error last week.

Final 2017 CVR/ORS Series Results are now posted. 65 people remain after 35 non-volunteers disappeared, but only one person formerly winning is gone. An amazing coincidence is that we have 28 Females and 37 Males in this year’s final tally which appears to be exactly the same as in 2016. Note we call this final, but you have until Dec 15 to let us know of any corrections. If you disappeared and you did volunteer, please contact Jim Flint and/or the Race Director for whom you volunteered ASAP.
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Donna’s CVR News and Notes

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CVR Birthdays this Week!

Happy Birthday this week to: Shari Carlson, Guy Page (New AG!)

If you don’t have a race or other event scheduled this weekend, look at the calendar at the bottom of this email. You have so many choices from 5K to Marathon to hike or bike options. I count 5 options Saturday and 2 Sunday and I am missing regional favorites like Hartford Marathon from the list.

The next CVR Newsletter will come out in late October before the CVR meeting on November 6. Get your articles and photos to Bob Howe by October 23.

Thinking about next year and the November meeting… The 2018 race schedule and the CVR/ORS series schedule and rules for 2018 are set at the November meeting. If you have any opinions about either that you would like presented, please contact Bob Murphy who will be heading up a committee meeting on October 23 to finalize a 2018 proposal.
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