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CVR Birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: Nina Aitken, Dick Bushey, Mike Harris

Hi CVR Members,

Last week was the start of the Winter Group Runs and what an awesome start it was. Not a lot to discuss this week so let’s get right into that!

Winter Group Runs
Due to icy conditions along the bike path, the winter group run course was changed and the group ran the Fun Run direction to River Road and up Jones Brook (for those that went 8 miles). It was a nice turnout of 20 runners for the 9:30 am slot, on a nice sunny day. Three runners were signed up for the 7:00 am slot and if they made it out the total for the day would be 23!

It was announced earlier that this coming Saturday’s run was going to be in East Montpelier however I believe that was changed to Middlesex with meeting place at the club’s favorite Red Hen Bakery. For those on the winter group run email list you will receive an email with the details tomorrow. If you are not on the list you can reach out to me to be added. Just reply to this letter.

Coming up Events
A repeat from last week but I want to put a request out there for members to sign up to volunteer for the NYE5K. So far only 1 volunteer! This event requires around 25 so please sign up today. It is very simple to sign up on our website. On our home page click on Membership. Then click on the “Volunteer for a CVR Race”. You need to login with your account details. If you are having troubles to sign up, just reply to this email and I will help you out!

Our next two events are open for registration! The New Year’s Eve 5K, which will take place at 2 PM in Montpelier is open. Please note there is a change in the bib pickup and race day registration location for the event. It will be at Onion River Outdoors. We are highly recommending online registration and the entrance fee will go up on race day. For details go to our website – NYE5K.

Jackie Jancaitis has also informed me the Snow Shoe Race is on again this year and will be live! Here are her details of the event.

Millstone Madness Snowshoe Race

Saturday, February 12th, 2022, 10am

3 mile course, snowshoes are required. ORO is offering 50% discount on rentals to participants.

44 Brook Street, Websterville, VT 05678

CVR Annual Dinner
The Annual Dinner is still on. With the uptick in Covid cases in Vermont there is concern by many about attending this event. I have received a tremendous amount of feedback from members who either will not be able to attend because of concerns or would like to see it delayed and on the other hand I have also received the same amount of feedback from those who wish to move forward with the event. We are two years now into the pandemic which is not going away anytime soon and a delay would only mean a cancellation and another year lost. Therefore, unless there are new guidelines published prior to January 20th that would restrict this event, we will be moving forward with it. The expectation is that members would be fully vaccinated and those that need it, or desire it will take necessary precautions such as wearing a mask. As of last weekend we do have about 20 members who have signed up to attend. John Martin still needs your RSPV. 

Please send him a note if you plan on attending – John Martin

By the way, I do have a volunteer for an MC. Joe Merrill has gladly volunteered and will share the stage with me in handing out….what ever we are going to hand out! I didn’t receive any ideas from anyone but you can still provide them here.  Ideas

2021 CVR Dashboard 
If you haven’t looked at the dashboard yet, I will keep it live a little longer. Remember that you can see all the race results and all of the volunteers for each of the events. View the dashboard at  CVR 2021 Race Season Dashboard.

Volunteer Sign-up
Volunteers can start signing up for New Year’s Eve 5K.  CVR Volunteers – Click the link and then go to Volunteer for CVR Race.

We need race directors for the following.

Mutt Strutt – We have a new Race Director – Maryellen Copping!! 

Barre Town Spring Run – We are looking for a director here as well and there will be plenty of support to transition the event to you.

Please signup by reaching out to me!

Other News
I have added a new Ongoing/Upcoming events in the section below. Every Sunday morning at 7:30 am a group gathers to hike/run Spruce Mountain. Anyone of any ability can join this event. This event, as with the listed Runderachievers event, is not a sponsored club event but is an opportunity to meet up and join with other runners.

Your news
We are into the winter months where news is very slim so please share your news now!!!

This is for you, share your news!!

CVR Sponsored by:

Ongoing/Upcoming events 

CVR Races
New Year’s Eve 5K 12/31

Runderacheivers in Northfield
Runderachievers is a social run group that meets in front of Good Measure Brewing Co every Wednesday at 5:30. (17 East St, Northfield, VT 05663)
All ages, and abilities are welcome. After a short run(or walk) we enjoy special pricing of their draft craft beers.
Anyone wishing to enter the brewery must show proof of vaccination.

Spruce Mountain Hike/Run
Every Sunday from 7:30 am. Hikers or runners of all abilities can join. Reach out to April Farnham with any questions.

Safe Running!
Manny Sainz

Feel free to email me any additional events that should be listed here.

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