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CVR Birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: April Farnham, Susan Hackney, Peter Luyckx, Murdock Morse, Robert Searles, Brenda Phillips, George Phillips, Yvonne Benney Basque

Hi CVR Members,

Freezing temperatures continue this week, right through the weekend. Meaning another chilly group run coming up on Saturday. We are 2.5 weeks out from our next event, the Milestone Madness Snowshoe Race! Hope all you snowshoers are training for this fun race. Let’s get into the news

Winter Group Runs
After a canceled week due to hazardous temperatures, the winter groups runs were back! Frigid temperatures continued but we had a nice warmup, – 14 degrees at the start of the run hosted by Rowly Brucken in Northfield. Six showed up to run a beautiful course and all survived! This Saturday we will be in East Montpelier. Details will be sent out in the next winter group email. If you want to join the email list please reply to this email and ask to be included.

2021 President’s Report
Only 8 members read the report posted last week. I will include it one more time. Central Vermont Runners had a fantastic year in 2021. I summarized the year in a President’s Report. It is posted on our website here – 2021 President’s Report. Read about what we accomplished as a group and those that stepped up and took important roles in the club.
2022 Race Series Calendar
There was an error in the calendar I posted last week. Groton Forest Trail Run is on September 10th. Here is a corrected version. It will be updated on our website – CVR/ORO Race Series Calendar

CVR Newsletter
Our next newsletter will be coming up the first week of March. Please submit your articles to Alice McCormick by March 1st.

CVR Annual Meeting
Our next annual meeting will be in March. I’m considering now venues and whether to do this live, virtual or another hybrid meeting. It will be an important meeting as new officers will be voted in and general business will be discussed. Keep March in mind and more to come on it.

CVR Annual Dinner
The annual dinner is scheduled for March 24th. John has informed me he would like you to RSPV by March 21st. You can send an email by clicking here  John Martin

Volunteer Sign-up
The only volunteer signup right now is the Snowshoe Event.  CVR Volunteers – Click the link and then go to Volunteer for CVR Race.

Coming up Events

Millstone Madness Snowshoe Race
There will be a price increase for registration on 1/31 so sign up now!

Saturday, February 12th, 2022, 10am

The Millstone Madness Snowshoe Race is approximately 3 miles with approximately 400 ft of climbing over mostly single track trails. This may not seem like much but expect the unexpected. This is not your average trail or road race. The snowshoes, ice, and lots and lots (we hope) of snow will make your lungs and legs burn. The seemingly endless climbs will make you wonder if you were mad to sign up. The enchanted beauty of the woods will make you delirious. After, while enjoying the campfire, you might be ready to sign up for next year. ​

ORO is offering 50% discount on rentals to participants.

44 Brook Street, Websterville, VT 05678

Other News
Mack Gardner-Morse told me I missed some major news last week. Oh well, here it is.

Two new American Women’s records at the marathon and half marathon distance were set this week at the Houston Marathon on Sunday January 16, 2022!  Both women were over 35!

Keira D’Amato (age 37) set a new American marathon record for women and Sara Hall (age 38) set a new American half marathon record for women.  See:

Your news
We are into the winter months where news is very slim so please share your news now!!!

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Ongoing/Upcoming events 

CVR Races
Milestone Madness Snowshoe Race 2/12/2021

Runderacheivers in Northfield (note a day change)
Runderachievers is a social run group that meets in front of Good Measure Brewing Co every Thursday at 5:30. (17 East St, Northfield, VT 05663)
All ages, and abilities are welcome. After a short run(or walk) we enjoy special pricing of their draft craft beers.
Anyone wishing to enter the brewery must show proof of vaccination.

Spruce Mountain Hike/Run
Every Sunday from 7:30 am. Hikers or runners of all abilities can join. Reach out to April Farnham with any questions.

Safe Running!
Manny Sainz

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