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CVR Birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: George Aitken (new age group), Dylan Broderick, Richard Cleveland, Deb Reed, Andrew Thornton-Sherman, & Andrew Reynolds!

Greetings from a cool and cloudy Adamant,

The wood stove has been fired up here in Adamant as the temps have dropped. However, the racing season is still running hot. As reported in the Times Argus, CVR member Andrew Thornton-Sherman (and birthday celebrant) won the NVAC cross country championship this past Saturday. Andrew covered the 5K course in Stowe in a time of 15:55.8. Congratulations Andrew! 

The race committee has come up with a race schedule recommendation for next year. If you want to be one of the first to see it and be a part of the club that makes the final decision, come to the next club meeting. The next club meeting will be November 13th and will be hosted by Denise Ricker. Time and directions will be in the next newsletter. On the agenda will also be discussion about the annual club dinner.

Will reported the Leaf Peepers event pulled in more money than last year (great job Will!) I’m hoping he will come to the club meeting at Denise’s and give us details on the event. 

The CVR-branded apparel is in! If you ordered something and haven’t picked it up yet, please email Richarda to coordinate pick-up in Montpelier. The gear looks great, and we look forward to seeing you running in it at races and around town!”  Speaking of running merchandise, 

CVR Shoe Swap and Donation Drive

 Bring your gently used running shoes to to the CVR 2nd and 3rd Fallen Leaves race on Nov. 11th and 18th. Shoes need to be in good clean running condition and tied in their pair. Shoes can be taken at the Fallen Leaves Event. If shoes are not taken at the event they will be donated to the community. Shoes are free to donate and/or take. After Nov. 18th sneakers will be available at Amy’s Amoire, Main Street, Barre. 

Trail Running
Given that we’re into the various hunting seasons here in Vermont, please wear your orange when out cruising the woods.

Fun Runs
 Official fun runs are over for the year however, there continues to be a turnout on Tuesday evenings to get in a few miles.  The days are getting shorter (just over 10 1/2 hours!), however bright clothing and lights will make for a safer run. 

Membership Renewal – Reminder 
There’s a link to RunReg at (“JOIN CVR”). This page also has a printable form for those who prefer to mail their renewal.
Renewing with a multi-year membership means fewer year-end renewals for you and less administration for the club. 
Not sure when your membership is due for renewal? 
• check your membership card (contact Graham if you need a new one) 
•check when your membership expires by logging in to the CVR website. (Here are the instructions  to log in)
• contact  Graham and he can confirm your renewal date 

Volunteers are still needed for the upcoming Fallen Leaves 5Ks.Race Series
The race series is done for the year so check the standings and start thinking about next year! The race committee is planning what races will be in the race series next year. Send me your suggestions!

Web Site
I know we’ve had members running some races outside the local area that I’d like to hear more about. Reach out to John with the details so we can share your experience with the entire club.

Send your running related stories and articles to John at to be published on the CVR website.

Race Results/reviews: 

 Up Coming Events.

Fallen Leaves Series
The Fallen Leaves Series is coming up. These are a great 5K run over the same course three Saturdays in a row. November 4, 11, & 18. Starting behind the Montpelier HS. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated! Check the CVR website for details.

Other News
Here’s a brief report on my recent trip to Spain with daughter Maureen:
        Maureen and I got back from Spain late Wednesday evening (18 Oct). Our
goal was to hike a small portion of the Camino de Santiago along the northern coast. I’m afraid
our attempt was a bit too ambitious (at least for me). The plan was a little over 70 miles of hiking in 5 days. All lodgings were prearranged, as well as luggage transfers
from hotel to hotel while we were out hiking. Our hiking segments were
simply too long. Our first day was about 15 miles. The terrain was a
challenge; a lot of up and down, uneven footing, and it rained most of
the day every day. We HAD to complete each of the segments, as that is
where our lodgings and luggage would be upon our arrival. The second day
was also 15 miles. On the morning of the third day (an 18-miler) I had a
scratchy throat and the beginnings of a cold. We soldiered on, and
completed that day, but I was very very tired by days end. I awoke on
the fourth day with renewed energy (which didn’t last me the day), and
we did another 15. I was even more worn out by the end of that day. The
bottoms of my feet hurt, my back hurt, i was listing to the left, unable
to control my footing very well on downhills, in  other words not in
very good shape. At that point Maureen decided we would skip the fifth
day (which was to be a relatively short 10 miler), I was more than happy
to comply. We caught a taxi from our lodgings near Amenal and rode in
comfort to Santiago de Compostela, where we did the tourist thing for
the day, enjoying a WONDERFUL paella de mariscos (probably the best
paella I have had in my lifetime – it would have made you cry!) and
resting up for our trip back to the U.S.
    Maureen has been doing a LOT of hiking the past couple of years,
completing the Vermont portion of the Long Trail earlier this year, and
hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro last year with a group of organ donors. So she
was ready for this challenge. I was doing long walk/runs and walks on
relatively good surfaces, and I was not. It was the hardest thing I’ve
ever done. I am happy to have done this with my daughter, but am even
happier that the experience is over.
    By the way, when I got home I tested myself and was COVID positive,
so that might have been partly responsible for some of my travails.  But
I am feeling relatively good, and am more tired right now from the time
change and travel.
 Sincerely, Bob Murphy

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