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CVR birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: Manuel Sainz (ex-president), Leslie Welts, Jennifer Dickinson, Douglas Glover, James Rohr, & Ashley Piccirillo-Horan!

Greetings from a gray Adamant,

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to recall my first interaction with the Central Vermont Running Club. It was the end of June, 2008. A week earlier I had moved back to Vermont from Colorado with my two boys. I saw a notice for the Tuesday fun run in the World and thought that would be a nice way to meet some locals. I recall I parked at the high school and walked around the track to where a small group was gathered. As I reached the group, a woman with two long braids came up to me and asked who I was and why was I there? That was Dot Helling. The next person who came up to me was John Martin (sorry John, but I don’t remember what you said).  My next memory of that occasion was someone (probably Bob Murphy) saying “Okay, let’s line up” and away we went, promptly at 5:30. What has followed has been more than a decade of running with CVR members in both fun and race events here in Vermont as well as other states. It’s been more than a decade of running conversations that have included hearing the highs and lows of people’s lives. Running stride by stride with someone for ten miles gives opportunity to find common ground from which friendships grow. The first CVR person to speak to me is now my wife. With all the discord in the world today, I value the connections and memories I’ve made through CVR and I hope others are able to do the same.  

There is still some great racing happening. This Saturday is the second of the Fallen Leaves series. The 5K race starts behind the Montpelier High School. At $5, this is a great deal and a lot of fun. Check out the CVR website for details ( fallen leaves series – Central Vermont Runners ( ). At the moment the forecast is for temps in the 30’s at race start and no snow or rain. 

There were 29 finishers for the first Fallen Leaves race. Dylan Broderick was first woman in a time of  21:21 for a 6:53 pace.  Peter Maurais was the first male in a time of 19:54 for a 6:25 pace.

Here are a couple of photos from the race courtesy of Mike Giberti.

Fallen Leaves #1 Start
Andy Frakes (left) 2nd Male in 20:00 and Peter Maurais 1st male in 19:54
Dylan Broderick 1st female in 21:21

The race committee has come up with a race schedule recommendation for next year. If you want to be one of the first to see it and be a part of the club that makes the final decision, come to the next club meeting. The next club meeting will be November 13th and will be hosted by Denise Ricker. This will be another potluck meeting. People should arrive at 6:00 with something to share and the meeting will begin at 6:30. Denise’s house is at 399 Murray Hill Drive, Montpelier: From downtown, go up Main Street. When you pass Towne Hill Road on the right, Murray Hill Drive is .3 of a mile on the left. Go up the hill to the end.  House is white and facing the cul de sac. On the agenda will also be discussion about the annual club dinner.
I am working on a zoom connection. I will send out a notice prior to the meeting with a link if I’m able to make it work.

CVR Shoe Swap and Donation Drive

Bring your gently used running shoes to to the CVR 2nd and 3rd Fallen Leaves race on Nov. 11th and 18th. Shoes need to be in good clean running condition and tied in their pair. Shoes can be taken at the Fallen Leaves Event. If shoes are not taken at the event they will be donated to the community. Shoes are free to donate and/or take. After Nov. 18th sneakers will be available at Amy’s Amoire, Main Street, Barre. 

Trail Running
I’m hearing guns in my neck of the woods which means hunters are out there. Wear your orange! I was on top of Mt Hunger this past Friday. There was an inch of snow and ice in the shade. 

Fun Run
 Official fun runs are over for the year however, there continues to be a turnout on Tuesday evenings to get in a few miles.  The days are getting shorter (less than 10 hours), however bright clothing and lights will make for a safer run. 

Membership Renewal – Reminder 
There’s a link to RunReg at (“JOIN CVR”). This page also has a printable form for those who prefer to mail their renewal.
Renewing with a multi-year membership means fewer year-end renewals for you and less administration for the club. 
Not sure when your membership is due for renewal? 
• check your membership card (contact Graham if you need a new one) 
•check when your membership expires by logging in to the CVR website. (Here are the instructions  to log in)
• contact  Graham and he can confirm your renewal date 

Volunteers are still needed for the upcoming Fallen Leaves 5Ks.Race Series
The race series is done for the year so check the standings and start thinking about next year! In case you’re wondering where the final standings are, we typically don’t post until after the Fallen Leaves races because they change if people don’t end up volunteering (there are a couple age groups that will change if people don’t volunteer). People are welcome to reach out to Joe if they want to know where they stand.

REMINDER: You must have volunteered at least once to be eligible for the race series. Volunteering also gets you a free dinner at the club awards dinner.

Web Site
I know we’ve had members running some races outside the local area that I’d like to hear more about. Reach out to John with the details so we can share your experience with the entire club.

Send your running related stories and articles to John at to be published on the CVR website.

Race Results/reviews: 
Tim Noonan just ran the New York City Marathon. Congratulations Tim! 

This photo is Manhattan on First Avenue at 86th Street, at mile 17.5. Tim was the oldest of 44 Vermonters to complete the marathon. His time of 4:14:09 placed 19,158th of 51,297 finishers, 63.66% on an age-graded basis.

Thanks for the photo and info Jim Flint.

 Up Coming Events.

Fallen Leaves Series
The Fallen Leaves Series is coming up. These are a great 5K run over the same course three Saturdays in a row. November 4, 11, & 18. Starting behind the Montpelier HS. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated! Check the CVR website for details.

Massive Group Run
On Sunday, November 12, at 10 a.m. at Oakledge Park in Burlington, we will be holding a special joint group run ( an 8 years tradition) 
– our first since 2019! 

Run with Jan members will be joining forces with other area running groups, including Fleet Feet, GMAA, Skirack, First Strides, and Team Arrowhead.

Folks will be running and walking different distances and paces, but we encourage you all to join us for this fun community-gathering event that celebrates the sport we all love. After you finish, please join us in the community space at City Market’s Flynn Ave. location for coffee and any other goodies you desire.

Please plan to arrive by no later than 9:45 a.m. so we can take a few big group photos before we start running. Look forward to seeing you there!

Other News
The Governor’s Corporate Cup race committee is looking for new members.  The current committee includes Leslie Davis (chair), Mike Feulner, Pam Chisholm, Patty Turley, Jeff Bourdean, and Dot Helling. This year’s corporate cup will take place on Thursday, May 16th. Please email for more information.

CVR Equipment Use

 Anyone wanting to use equipment send Sal (and cc myself) a request that includes 1) Date equipment to be removed from the shed, 2) Itemized list of equipment being removed; including quantities, 3) Date equipment will be returned to the shed.  Please send Sal (and cc the club president) and email to let us know when the equipment has been returned.

Elected Officers
President – Chris Andresen (
Vice President – Kim Caldwell
Finance – John Valentine
Secretary – Cheryl Lasell
At Large Executive Committee: Bob Murphy, Darragh Ellerson

Keep your feet moving

Chris Andresen  

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