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News and Notes from Donna

November–Fallen Leaves & Club Meeting

Jim Flint has posted the final CVR/ORS Series standings. They are final except some of you will disappear (poof, you are gone!) if you don’t volunteer at one of the Fallen Leaves races–even 2 of you who currently rank #1 in the AG. If you do not have an X in the volunteer column, don’t wait any longer! You know who you are and if you don’t, maybe one of your running friends will let you know (hint, hint, give them a nudge). Remember, it is not just being included in the final results at stake, it is also getting free dinner in January at the Annual Volunteer & Awards Dinner. Contact Tim Noonan to volunteer at any of the Fallen Leaves 5K’s. He still needs volunteers at all of them.
And as always, please send Jim Flint a nice note to explain any error you see in the postings.

The next CVR Meeting is Nov. 7–that’s next Monday! Michael Chernick has volunteered to host the meeting at 330 Cityside Dr. #75 in Montpelier. Pot luck at 6, meeting at 6:30.
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News and notes from Donna

Newsletter Deadline, Final 2016 Fun Run and More…

Hi All,
I’m back from my first Ironman in 4 years in Louisville. Now I realize why it took me 4 years to try one again. It took enough out of me that I am combining a couple weeks news and notes into one this weekend.
Energetic new CVR member Kelly Hadiaris chats with her husband before passing me as I grunt through the start of the marathon. I predict Kelly will be up there in the CVR/ORS series standings in the near future.

Alert CVR member and Newsletter Editor Bob Howe reminds me that the CVR Meeting Nov. 7 is coming right up! That means he has established an Oct. 24 deadline for article submissions. Please send Bob any fun race stories, observations and photos by October 24.
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