CVR News and Notes from Andy

Vermont City Marathon this weekend!

CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday to: Kim Kendall, Loren Searles, Silas Baker, Beth Daut, Chris Eaton, Rebecca Harvey, Susannah Colby, Gretchen Elias, Leah Acosta, Barbara Flint, Kelly Hadiaris & Andy Shuford (what a great group of birthdays!)

Happy runners before the Barre Town Spring Run

Good luck to all marathon runners and relay participants this weekend. Hope for pleasant running weather. A little rain wouldn’t be so bad…

Speaking of marathons, rumor has it that Graham Sheriff ran the Shires of Vermont Marathon (in the rain) this past weekend (3:28:25) and snagged 4th place on the notoriously hilly course.
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Central Vermont Runners was proud to host the 2018 Road Runners Club of America Vermont state 10 mile championship at the Paul Mailman 10 Miler on April 28, 2018 .


The following runners are the 2018 RRCA Vermont 10 Mile champions:


Male open: Bryce Murdick

Female open: Erin Magill

Male Masters: Tom Thurston

Female Masters: Dot Martin

Male Grandmasters: Chris Rhim

Female Grandmasters: Donna Smyers

Male Senior Grandmasters: Matt Mahoney

Female Senior Grandmasters: Dot Helling

Contgratulations to all of the winners!
Full 10 miler results

CVR News and Notes from Andy

Happy Spring!

CVR Birthdays this Week!
Happy Birthday to: Bob Emmons, Bob Patterson, Celia Riechel, Callie Barrett, Peyton Burr, Ben Kidder, and Meg Allison

Sal Acosta at Kaynor’s finish.

Sal Acosta is dressed to match the cones and avoids the giant potholes at the Sap Run finish line.

CVR Annual Meeting and New Officers for 2018

Happy Spring! And welcome to a new CVR year. This week, News & Notes is from Andy Shuford, the new CVR president. I now have the honor of sending it each week. No Fake News, believe me!

This past Sunday, we had a great turnout of 32 at the Annual Meeting. In just a little over an hour and a half, we approved a budget, approved two new CVR races and elected a slate of officers. The new officers for this year are:

President-Andy Shuford
Vice President-Manny Sainz
Secretary-Sandy Colvin
Treasurer-John Valentine
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