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CVR Birthdays this week:

Happy Birthday to: Nina Aitken, Mike Harris, Anne Treadwell, & Tim Favorite!

Greetings from gray and muddy Adamant,

Seems like we’re still in November weather.  I’ve watched the local ponds freeze and thaw a dozen times this fall. I’d appreciate some consistently cold weather. The upside is that the local roads around Adamant have softened. So, if you’re looking for a nice place to put in a few miles, here’s the place to be (though your shoes might get a bit dirty).

The club’s membership and insurance through RRCA has been renewed. This will allow us to hold our races for the coming season. Allee at Onion River Outdoors is putting together a poster for the club’s race series. The series will be the same as last year. We’ll get a couple of 11″ x 18″ color posters as well as an 8 1/2″ x 11″ poster that you can print out for yourselves. I will send it out as soon as the posters are completed. We’re waiting to hear the race date for the Kaynor’s Sap run put on by GMAA. GMAA also has a race series and includes one of our races (Capital City Stampede I believe). 

The Tuesday issue of the Times Argus had a nice article on Avery Smart. He’s a young man who runs for Montpelier High School who has been named runner of the year. Avery recalls being next to last in his first race as a freshman and now he’s the runner to beat in the state.  It’s been enjoyable to watch his growth over the past couple of years through his CVR race participation. 

*A reminder about the annual banquet. This is an event that also requires a lot of work, from finding a venue and picking a menu to deciding annual awards/recognitions. To pull this event off requires a group of volunteers. If anyone would be interested in helping with any of this, please let me know.

Winter Runs are HERE!
Winter Group Runs (WGRs) are here! The first WGR this past rainy weekend in East Montpelier was well attended and treats were enjoyed at Fox Market after the run. 

This Saturday’s run will be hosted by John Valentine in Roxbury. John is going to mark an out-and-back course so folks can choose their mileage (and not get lost), and he has promised coffee and pastries for after, so don’t miss it! More info and sign-up sheet are here. We will send out more details in a Thursday email blast to the WGR listserv- if you were not on it last but want to join that list, email Donna Smyers or Chris. 

(Editor’s note: John lays out great coffee and pastries! This is a run not to be missed.)

Race Series
John has posted the final race series results on the website. Joe Merrill gets a huge THANK YOU for handling the spreadsheet to track all the results. Head here cvroro race series – Central Vermont Runners ( to check out who did what.

Trail Running
I’m not aware of a trail run this weekend but keep checking…
See the Group Trail Run spreadsheet for info on planned runs.

It’s a Google Doc. You can look ahead and see if there’s a run that interests you. 

If you volunteered this year but don’t see it indicated on the CVR Race Series spreadsheet, please reach out to our webmaster John Hackney

Race Results/reviews:  
Another Thanksgiving run report:
I ran in the Maudslay 5K Trail Run in Newburyport, MA on Thanksgiving.  It was interesting.  Over 1,000 runners.  A mass start from the middle of a field that narrowed to a trail where “maybe” three people could run side by side.  Passing was tough and there were lots of roots to potentially trip you up if you weren’t paying attention.  Not a run made for setting personal records unless you were quick and got out in front of the pack from the very start.  It was, however, great fun.  

Phyllis Arsenault-Berry

Up Coming Events.

Our next race will kick off the 2023 CVR/ORO series on 12/31/22 with the New Year’s Eve 5K in downtown Montpelier.  Start time is 2 pm on Court Street, Montpelier. Registration is now open. We encourage advance registration as we are not permitted to do registration in the Pavilion. Same-day registration and bib pickup will be at Onion River Outdoors at 20 Langdon Street Montpelier from 12-1:30 on race day.  More information is available on the CVR website (

This annual event requires around 25 volunteers, so please sign up today. On the CVR home page click on Membership. Then click on the “Volunteer for a CVR Race”. You need to login with your account details. If you have questions about volunteering, please contact race director Jennifer Dickinson (

Other News

John Hackney only received a couple of submissions for the newsletter so is going to wait at this point.

CVR Equipment Use
 Anyone wanting to use equipment send Sal (and cc myself) a request that includes 1) Date equipment to be removed from the shed, 2) Itemized list of equipment being removed; including quantities, 3) Date equipment will be returned to the shed.  Please send Sal (and cc the club president) and email to let us know when the equipment has been returned.

The Club Timing Clock 
If you use the club timing clock, it’s important it be returned the next day. The clock is used for a lot of events other than club races. It’s club policy that if the clock is requested for a non-CVR event, a CVR member must be present to ensure proper handling.

You have running gear you’re not using and would like to sell it, I’m happy to post it here for you.

Elected Officers
President – Chris Andresen
Vice President – Kim Caldwell
Finance – John Valentine
Secretary – Cheryl Lasell
At Large Executive Committee: Bob Murphy, Darragh Ellerson

Keep your feet moving

Chris Andresen  

If you have a comment or question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at: 

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