News and notes from Donna

Newsletter Deadline, Final 2016 Fun Run and More…

Hi All,
I’m back from my first Ironman in 4 years in Louisville. Now I realize why it took me 4 years to try one again. It took enough out of me that I am combining a couple weeks news and notes into one this weekend.
Energetic new CVR member Kelly Hadiaris chats with her husband before passing me as I grunt through the start of the marathon. I predict Kelly will be up there in the CVR/ORS series standings in the near future.

Alert CVR member and Newsletter Editor Bob Howe reminds me that the CVR Meeting Nov. 7 is coming right up! That means he has established an Oct. 24 deadline for article submissions. Please send Bob any fun race stories, observations and photos by October 24.
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News and notes from Donna

Happiness is….. Volunteering together at the finish line
Hi All,
Leafpeepers! Jeff already sent out the CVR results summary. Great job Race Committee, Volunteers, Racers and sponsors (huge amounts of food and crazy prizes!). I would also like to express thanks to the Fall Foliage for actually showing up just barely on time and the rain for holding off all day. I hope a good time was had by all. It was fun being at the finish line for the whole thing–much easier than running it, but I do love that hill, really.
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Results update from Jeff

Sigh Searles and Steve Hill eagerly await the first finisher at Leaf Peepers Half Marathon

Hey you guys,

Don’t pay the ransom–I escaped! I’m glad to be back on the job here at Race Results Round Up Headquarters. We have lots of catching up to do. In the meantime, see below for results from Leaf Peepers Half Marathon & 5k. And thanks to all the many club members who volunteered to ensure a fun and safe event for all the runners.


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News and Notes from Donna

Leafpeepers Special Edition!


Multiply distances and elevations by 3 at Sodom Pond and you come pretty close to the Leafpeepers course.
Sounds like 3 times the fun except for no pasta and wine at the finish.

Hi All,
You still have time, barely!:..Online registration closes for Leafpeepers Half Marathon and 5K on September 28. I believe that is today! June Burr continues to need a few more course volunteers. She has divided many corners into 2 shifts, so you won’t be out there too long. Contact June and let her know you can help. We really don’t want any confused runners out there at the final corners of the race! Darragh Ellerson also could use one more finish line volunteer, so if you can help at the finish line, contact Darragh.
If you have friends, relatives or neighbors who might be interested in watching the race, you could get them to volunteer too–you don’t have to be a runner to tell people which way to go and cheer them on. Maybe they will get inspired to join in the fun next year.
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