Update from Greg

Hi, CV Runners,

Quiet week; miserable weather whether you ski or run.  Don’t fall.

Last chance –send Bob Howe an article for the March Newsletter. Deadline is Sunday, Feb 28. E-mail Bob here: lucycarol18@gmail.com

Winter Long Run:  Apparently not this Saturday.  Some of the usual suspects are saving themselves for the Five College Realtors 10-Miler in Amherst, MA on Sunday

Budget Committee met last night, and their work product will appear in the March Newsletter so you can prepare for discussion at the CVR annual meeting scheduled for the clubhouse in Adamant Sunday, 3/20. (Is that a run-on sentence?)

Upcoming events
–>  2/28  Five College Realtors 10-Miler
–>  3/6   Half at the Hamptons
–>  3/6   Stu’s 30K
–>  3/13  Frozen Onion Bike, Run & Snowshoe Race (ORS)
–>  3/20  CVR Annual Meeting, Adamant
–>  4/3   Kaynor’s Sap Run 10K (GMAA)
–>  4/9   RunVermont’s Half Unplugged (Reg opens 1/12)
–>  4/16 Rollin Irish Half (GMAA)
–>  4/18 Boston!
–>  5/1   Middlebury Maple Run Half
–>  5/1   Pittsburgh Marathon
–>  5/7   Adamant 20-miler (CVR)
–>  5/7   Pump It Up 5 miler (GMAA)
–>  5/8   Kalamazoo Marathon
–>  5/12   Corporate Cup
–>  5/15  Mutt Strut (CVR)
–>  5/15&16  Maine Coast 1/2 Marathon & Marathon (with Norm!)
–>  5/21 Barre Town Spring Run 5K (CVR/ORS-2)
–>  5/29  VCM  RUNVCM.ORG
->  6/11  Capital City Stampede  
–>  6/11  Green Mtn Relay
–>  6/12  Equinox Trail Race (GMAA)

–>  6/18  Mt Washington
–>  6/19  Worcester 4-miler (CVR)
–>  6/26  Paul Mailman 10 miler  
–>  7/3   Montpelier Mile  (CVR/ORS-5)
–>  7/4   Clarence DeMar 5K (GMAA)
–>  7/10 Stowe 8-miler & 5K  

Results Update from Jeff

Hey you guys,

It’s only the 12th day of the year and I am already behind on Race Results Round Up.  Here is a run-down of events from New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day along with miscellaneous older events from 4th quarter of 2015.

  • CVR New Year’s Eve 5k
  • First Run Burlington 5k
  • Ri Ra’s Santa 5k
  • Kingdom Challenge Half Marathon & 5k
  • Ripton Ridge Run
  • The Mad Dash
  • Art Tudhope 10k

While the road racing world is relatively quiet during the next weeks, I may try to catch up on some other overlooked results from 2015.  In the meantime, onward…


CVR New Year’s Eve 5k

The CVR New Year’s Eve 5k was held on New Year’s Eve (!) in Montpelier.  There were 172 finishers which appears to be a record turnout. I looked at results going back to 1999 and didn’t see anything close!  As you can imagine, there were lots of CVR members in the mix and some of them did pretty well for their age: 

  • Jane Miller-Arsenault, 2nd F 1-13
  • Brian Bushey, 1st M 1-13…demolishing prior record set by Jacob Miller-Arsenault in 2014
  • Jacob Miller-Arsenault, 3rd M 1-13…also faster than previous record
  • Theresa Noonan, 2nd F 14-19
  • Dylan Broderick, 1st F 20-29
  • George Aitken, 3rd M 20-29
  • Rima Carlson, 2nd F 40-49
  • Rowly Brucken, 2nd M 40-49
  • Andrew Tripp, 3rd M 40-49
  • Dot Martin, 1st F 50-59
  • Sue Hackney, 2nd F 50-59
  • Eric Morse, 1st M 50-59
  • Jim Flint, 2nd M 50-59
  • Nina Aitken, 1st F 60-69
  • Toni Kaeding, 3rd F 60-69
  • Jamie Shanley, 2nd M 60-69

This was the first event of the 2016 CVR/ORS Race Series.

Full results are here:


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