Boston Results Update

Hey you guys,

While you were cooped up inside today and wishing you were outside, some of your favorite people were running the Boston Marathon.

The fastest CVR member was Geoffrey Kirui in a time of 2:09:37. Oh, wait. Geoff failed to renew his membership this year. So that makes the fastest member Rowly Brucken in a net time of 3:26:44 in the M45-49 division. He was followed by Jim Flint in a net time of 3:40:05 in the M55-59 division. Sandy Colvin finished in a net time of 4:03:45 in the F45-49 division. Tim Noonan rolled in with a net time of 4:07:09 in the M60-65 division. Congratulations to all!

You might observe that the CVR men finished in order of age. Does that mean something? Maybe, maybe not. You might also observe that the CVR men finished in alphabetical order by last name. Does that mean something? Probably not.

Just for fun…I age-graded the results for comparison purposes. (Age-grading results is my new hobby. You knew that, right?) Rowly’s time converts to an equivalent time of 3:08:29 for a…ahem… much younger male competitor. Jim’s time converts to an equivalent time of 3:03:32. So Jim gets some bragging rights once you factor in that he is 10 years older than Rowly. I say congratulations to both as there are plenty of 30-year-old men who would be very happy to run under 3:10:00!

Sandy’s time converts to an equivalent of 3:39:46 for an open female competitor and to 3:19:32 for an open male competitor. Tim’s time converts to 3:22:15 for an open male competitor. You will note that Sandy’s and Tim’s times, both actual and age-graded, were fairly similar. Interestingly enough, the world best time for a 48-year-old woman is 2:30:12 and the world best time for a 60-year-old man is 2:30:15. Who knew that a 48-year-old female and a 60-year-male should be equivalent from a marathon time perspective? I will definitely keep an eye on Sandy and Tim in head-to-head races this year! This could be a new arch-rivalry.

Searchable results are available here:
Click on runner name to see detailed splits. When looking at splits, always remember to be kind. Remember that the first part of the course is downhill and the famous hills come late. And remember that temperatures hit the mid-70’s with only minimal cloud cover. (This was not as hot as 2012 but still too hot in my humble opinion. If you are ever planning a surprise marathon for me, please remember that I like 40 degrees and cloudy. Thank you.)



Race Results Roundup from Jeff

An old photo from the year I won the Half Marathon Unplugged. You remember that year? Right?

Hey you guys,

Just when you thought it was safe to check your e-mail…it’s the return of Race Results Round Up. It looks like our last edition was before Thanksgiving. Sad!

See below for recent results from Half Marathon Unplugged. It was a big race and there was a strong CVR turnout. I may have missed a few folks…especially new members. Let me know if you note any oversights.

Stay tuned for more race results as the spring and summer racing season takes off. And, maybe, I will even backfill some of the interesting winter results. Maybe.


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News and Notes from Donna

News you can Use!

Happy CVR Birthdays!
Happy Birthday this week to: Gordon MacFarland, Coleman Bingham, Scott Griggs, Celeste Moulton, Lauren Singer, Laurie Scharf, Susan Dodge, Caleb Clark!

You can tell it is the change of seasons. Last week, Steve Hill reported that there were 10 attendees at the Wednesday speed workout compared to 3 the week before. But while our photographer Manny Sainz was busy at Unplugged Half Marathon, John Martin submitted this picture of the Saturday morning winter run.

Then with the aid of Manny’s phone, John took this follow-up of today’s unofficial Fun Run. Counting photographer John, that is double last week’s attendance. Hooray for running shorts weather!
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