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News and notes from Donna


Never thought I’d wear my long sleeve CVR shirt and gloves on July 10!
Hi All,
NEWS FLASH! Although GMAA had the total numbers (on a per captita basis, we nailed it though), CVR won the team competition (and $150 for CVR) at Stowe 8 Miler with our top 3 males and females besting GMAA’s:
THORIN MARKISON, MATTHEW RUTHERFORD, GEORGE AITKEN, DOT MARTIN, DYLAN BRODERICK, DONNA SMYERS: Total Time 5:29:08, Avg Finish 54:51. For full team standings click here.
I am happy to have helped the team even though I was definitely the slowest of the bunch. I think the next 2 CVR women (Sandy Colvin and Leslie Welts were right there) could have taken my place and we still would have won. We had the speed depth! It was fun seeing so many team faces…23 of them by official count, but I saw a few who had the wrong team on their registration too (boo, do they still get CVR/ORS points if they raced for GMAA?). Here are the full results for the 8 Miler and 5K. I’m sure Jeff will have more in depth comments coming soon. I also want to give a shout out to the U32 XC team for the fantastic volunteering–parking, water stops, ice cream….all in the cold rain….wow!
I know others raced Mad Marathon, etc, but I was at Stowe, so it gets the attention.
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Results update from Jeff

Here we go again…

Henry & Nick Managan approach the finish line at the Montpelier Mile

Hey you guys,

Here at Race Results Round Up Headquarters, we are still trying to catch up from the long weekend. See below for results from the Montpelier Mile with perhaps more patriotic results forthcoming if/when I get around to it.

Don’t forget you have a chance to earn CVR/ORS Race Series points on Sunday at the Stowe 8-Miler and Flying Onion 5k! Link:


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News and Notes from Donna

Stowe 8 Miler/5K this Sunday,
Congrats to racers, thanks to volunteers at Montpelier Mile

Hi All,
Whew! Timing the Montpelier Mile without chips may be reaching its limits for CVR, but the fantastic volunteer crew made it go very smoothly. At least as smoothly as a race with 148 preregistered and 163 race day entries who all finish within 10 minutes can go.
Many thanks to the volunteer crew. John Hackney manned the computer with Denise Ricker assisting, and Toni Kaeding running the sheets from the finish line through the crowd to the computer. Dot Helling and Jen Miller Arsenault wrote bibs down assisted by Ann Bushey and Sue Hackney. Chris Andresen and Dan Miller Arsenault kept chute flow under control while Mark Howard, Nina Aitken and Brynn and Dick Bushey kept people in line. All that matched up with our quadruple effort at the finish to get a time for everyone–John Valentine, Newton Baker and Michael Chernick clicked every time while Nick Persampieri got select times to allow for error correction. I can’t wait to see the video being produced by Geordy Aitken which he took for back up finish order in case of important mishaps. That’s a lot of volunteers for a 15 minute race and I’m sorry if I missed some, but it saves ORS a couple thousand dollars in hiring a chip timing company. And that was just the finish line. CVR member Tim Heney heads up the course monitors and marking for the Rotary Club whose programs benefit from race proceeds.
And of course CONGRATULATIONS to all who raced and raced well. I’m sure Jeff will have a results report forthcoming. In the meantime, they are on and for your own perusal.
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