Results update from Jeff

Here we go again…

I am re-using this photo again this week b/c it makes me smile.

Hey you guys,

Don’t forget that the 42nd annual Paul Mailman 10-Miler is coming up fast on Sunday! It’s a great opportunity to pick up points in the CVR/ORS Race Series. If you are a GMAA member, you can also earn points in the GMAA Performance Series. Two-fer! Event info here:

See below for some recent race results:
Worcester 4-Miler
Mount Washington Road Race
Vermont Sun Sprint Triathlon #1
Chicken Farmer 5k
Elmore Practice Triathlon #1
Mayflower Brewing Half Marathon
Hudson Valley Triathlon Club Summer Tri #1

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Message from Donna

Paul Mailman 10 Miler this Sunday!


Your generosity is appreciated by these future CVR members!
Hi All,

I finally did register for the Stowe 8 Miler. It has been a long time since I’ve run it. It never fit well with triathlon season, but I’ve got to contribute to the team total and there aren’t any really important tri’s I want to do that weekend. $250 goes to the biggest total team, so you can be as slow as you want and can run the 5K and you get CVR/ORS race series points and help CVR in the contest. So what is your excuse?
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