Results update from Jeff

Here we go again…

Richard Weinstein (bib # 203) at 2016 Paul Mailman 10-Miler
Hey you guys,

It turns out that we had a celebrity in our midst yesterday at the Paul Mailman 10-Miler although we didn’t know it at the time. No, it wasn’t Paul Mailman himself (although he and his family did attend in 2014). An anonymous club member told me yesterday afternoon that she was chatting with a man after the race. He mentioned to her that he was a former winner of the race back in the day. I contacted Bob Murphy and he e-mailed me race results from 1985. (Who else would have 31-year-old race results handy?) The winner of the Montpelier 10 Mile Race on June 29, 1985 happened to be Richard Weinstein of Brighton, MA in a time of 53:57. Welcome back, Richard!
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Results update from Jeff

Here we go again…

I am re-using this photo again this week b/c it makes me smile.

Hey you guys,

Don’t forget that the 42nd annual Paul Mailman 10-Miler is coming up fast on Sunday! It’s a great opportunity to pick up points in the CVR/ORS Race Series. If you are a GMAA member, you can also earn points in the GMAA Performance Series. Two-fer! Event info here:

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Message from Donna

Paul Mailman 10 Miler this Sunday!


Your generosity is appreciated by these future CVR members!
Hi All,

I finally did register for the Stowe 8 Miler. It has been a long time since I’ve run it. It never fit well with triathlon season, but I’ve got to contribute to the team total and there aren’t any really important tri’s I want to do that weekend. $250 goes to the biggest total team, so you can be as slow as you want and can run the 5K and you get CVR/ORS race series points and help CVR in the contest. So what is your excuse?
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