Donna’s News and Notes

Happy Solstice!

CVR Birthdays this Week!

Happy Birthday this week to: Richard Ferno, June Burr, Laura Tracy

Happy Summer! Great day for speed work. Wednesdays have been lucky with good weather for a year now. We are also getting some fast youth and a good group of new people at the Tuesday Fun Runs. Watch for results in the World — Darragh submits results and they print them each week.

Jim Flint has compiled the results to date for CVR/ORS series –see how you are doing HERE. I count 23 females and 33 males in the results so far. The biggest AG’s are 50-59 F and 60-69 M. The 60-69 M AG also has the most hotly contested race so far: Mike Gillis 294.7, Tim Noonan 293.6. Dot Helling leads in the women’s point total with 288.0. Jon Floyd and Dot Martin are undefeated with 200 points, but nobody has the maximum 300 points possible to date.

Please check that you are listed for any races you’ve done and that the volunteer box is checked if you already volunteered this year. If you see an error, please send a nice note to Jim I have notified him of a couple of omissions and he will be working on updating it soon with corrections and Paul Mailman 10 Miler results.
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