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Fun Run April 4th

Speed Workout March 29th

Saturday April Fools Long Run

Happy CVR Birthdays!

Happy Birthday this week to: Daniel Keeney, Jennifer Skinder, Jackie Jancaitis, Kaitlin O’Shea, Lacey Boleyn, Jane Miller-Arsenault, Patty Foltz, Bill Holland, Mary Stridsberg, Phoebe Stone, Analina Aitken, Barb Patterson, Jon Williamson, Loralyn Leblanc

The April 8 CVR Winter Long Run will be hosted by Nina Aitken, Saturday at 9:30 a.m. at the Red Hen in Middlesex. A paved route is planned due to potential mud, but a dirt option could prevail. Contact Nina, for info, special requests, or to let her know you are coming.
There are just 3 “Winter” Long Runs left in the season. Good luck to those who have chosen Unplugged Half this Saturday.
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